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Downtown LA 03.20.2018

Jessica Foster

I have a background in the fashion industry and first started out working as an assistant in marketing and PR. I loved working behind the scenes and putting pieces of an event together. Fashion shows were my absolute favorite! Read more>>

Meg Zany

I am international Street Artist MegZany based in Los Angeles. I used to work in the corporate world and left all it’s securities to pursue my dream of being an artist. It wasn’t easy– all I knew was the rocky path to my dreams had to be better than the mediocre role of my desk job. Read more>>

Lucie Robert

My husband and I discovered laser tag in Europe. We loved the fun, the sport and the fitness of the activity but not the equipment, the branding and the places… After developing a platform that linked players together, we decided to create our own brand of fitness studio that will use laser tag. Read more>>

Lily Taban

I graduated college in 2011 with a Bachelor’s Degree in journalism with an emphasis in public relations. I secured a job immediately at a boutique public relations firm in Santa Monica where I worked for close to two years and assisted on a variety of accounts including fashion, entertainment, non-profit, and tech clients. Read more>>

Diana Rivera

My background as a performing artist and educator led me to do research on the psychology of creativity. I have always been interested in the internal world of artists, as much as I have been on the final work of art. There is a mystery to the process of creation, how we learn and how individuals/groups grow within themselves and in society that has inspired my professional career. Read more>>

Rocio Doyle

Growing up I was always fascinated with the visual aspect to any store. I would stare at mannequins and loved asking as a little girl about acrylic nails, perms, highlighted or colored hair. Any aspect to enhancing the look of a person I was drawn to immediately! Read more>>

Rebecca Borough

My background is a little scattered – undergraduate degree in hospitality management, luxury event planner in LA, Peace Corps Volunteer (2010-2012, Mexico), educator, and social entrepreneur (MS, USC Marshall 2016). I knew I wanted to do something with business and youth. Read more>>

Diana DeCarlo

I was always a creative kid growing up. I loved getting crafty and making things since the age of 9, when my Grandmother gave me her old costume jewelry and my dad gave me a pair of pliers and wire cutters. I would take things apart and mix it with new materials. Read more>>

Toy Lei

I was an actor in New York City, I love New York. It’s my hometown, but it’s a theatre town, and the camera is my medium of choice. I also prefer movement/visual-driven content, but at the time Law & Order and Woody Allen ruled the roost in the Big Apple. Read more>>

Skye Amber Sweet

As a child, I loved o draw and color and make things pretty on paper. My mother wanted me to attend art school but I didn’t want to become an artist. When I graduated I took a course in college on typography and art. My professor told me I had no technique and that I had to follow specific rules in Art to learn and create “the right way”. Read more>>

Jalen Parrish

I first started at Atlantic Records back in 2016 as an intern for A&R. I ended up having to leave because my schooling was taking over. I still had a passion for finding new talent and was searching all the time Soundcloud. I came across Malik Ninety Five back in September of 2017. Read more>>

Dale Raoul

I always wanted to be an actress even though I came from the great state of Montana which isn’t known as a theatrical hub! My mother took me to the plays at the community theatre and that’s when I got hooked. I was a high school theatre geek and went on to study acting in college. Read more>>

Gloria Kwak

What started off as a hobby turned into a business. I was making pet pillows as gifts for friends and people wanted to buy them. So far so good! The business is still very small and new. I’m learning more and more each day. We specialize in creating personalized/custom pillows in the shape of your pet. Read more>>


I met Prince Charles Philippe d’Orléans, Duke of Anjou, in my hometown in Costa Rica, and he invited me to perform at one of the most important events in Portugal. I definitely had plans to come back home, but something told me I should stay. Read more>>

Lynisha Hyche, Xavier Henderson

Lynisha started SoulfulofNoise as a blog in October of 2016. Shes always been a creative and wanted to have an outlet to cover new and emerging talent as well as pay homage to the greats from times past. We decided in February to go from serving as a blog to becoming a complete platform for Independent Music Artists. Read more>>

Heather Kuklin

Back in the early 2000’s it was just about impossible to find delicious gluten free baked goods, so I had to take matters into my own hands. I spent way too much money at grocery stores only to discover if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. Read more>>

John McClain

As a child growing up, my family built homes. I would always tag long and became so intrigued by the process. Fast forward to my teenage years when I started to redesign areas of my childhood home, anything from rearranging the furniture while my parents were out shopping, to a complete renovation of my bedroom including adding on a bathroom! Read more>>

Scott McGlasson

I’ve been a furniture designer and maker for more than 2 decades. I run a small company that produces thoughtfully designed and sourced furniture and lighting pieces for private, corporate, and hospitality clients. We exhibit at design shows, such as Westedge Design Fair in LA and the Architectural Digest Design Show in NYC, as well as high-end craft shows such as the Smithsonian Craft Show in Washington DC. Read more>>

Devon Spence

I have worked as a successful model for over 9 years and continue to grow the number of fashion brands I work with. I picked up photography along the way more so to grow my own modeling brand. I also work as an actor and cinematographer having just finished filming my 3rd short film as a DP. Read more>>

Clara Berta

My art story begins when I took up painting as a creative outlet, back in 1988. I had received a degree in Psychology from Antioch University, but was not pursuing that as a career. Instead, I felt like I wanted a more creative pursuit, so I decided I would be an actress! Read more>>

Courtney Callender

So I knew I wanted to own an online boutique since the age of 17 when I worked at a super popular boutique in my hometown of Nashville, TN. I loved helping women pick out pieces that literally made them glow from the inside out when they came out of the dressing room. Read more>>

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