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Downtown LA 03.13.2018

Taryn Rothstein

I grew up locally. I was raised in Arcadia and I was dancer from the age of 7. Most of my creativeness was born in those early dancing years. Music, choreography, directing and photography. It gave me confidence and balance for everything I did outside of the studio. Read more>>

Hogan Shrum

I always dreamed of being in advertising, yet somehow I can say that I accidentally stumbled into my advertising career. I came out of college right after 9/11 at a time when the job market was…well, bleak. I received my undergraduate degree in business/marketing from the University of Missouri and quickly realized that the only way I would have a job after college was to accept my fate as a future insurance salesman. Read more>>

Karl Monger

I was an Army officer serving in the 1st Ranger Battalion in the early 90’s, and on October 29, 1992 an Air Force Special Operations helicopter crashed in the Great Salt Lake during a training mission. Among the twelve killed were several close friends of mine. That set in motion a series of events that led me to leave active duty the following summer. Read more>>

Makan Negahban

I started off as a musician. I wrote, recorded, performed and toured a lot in my early twenties predominantly with my band Bür Gür. Throughout that I’d draw and paint for fun but didn’t really take it too serious as music was my biggest focus. Read more>>

Dina Lozofsky

I’m an Angeleno by birth and the first person in my family to be born in the US. Most of my journey has been in Los Angeles, though I had an eye-opening six years in Boston. I attended MIT, and worked at the Space Engineering Research Center there for a couple of years after graduating, where I was able to help design and build experiments that went up in the space shuttle. Read more>>

Alice Yoon, Grace Yoon

Grace: I always had an interest in photography but I only started to pursue it seriously after I went through a long battle with Hodgkin lymphoma. That was a difficult period in my life and photography became my outlet. After I interned for photographer Lauren Greenfield, I was working freelance and thinking about an MFA in photography when Alice left her corporate job in design. Read more>>

Chad Brooks

My interest in photography started from my sister buying an old film camera when I was about 14 years old. I always wanted to shoot with it but didn’t know anything about photography. The following year I took a photo class at school and started learning how to develop film and print. Read more>>

Dani Dodge

In 2003, I was a journalist embedded with the Marines in Iraq. I covered the start of the war through the invasion of Baghdad. I was overseas for about two months. Every day I would write newspaper stories about U.S. men and women in the battle zone. When I returned home from that assignment, I was at a loss. Read more>>

Alby Rodriguez

It all started when I was a little girl. I’ve always loved drawing, painting and doing any type of arts and craft. In school, all of my classmates would always ask me to help with their projects, especially anything that dealt with art. When I was very young, I suffered a very traumatic experience that cause a life time battle with depression. Read more>>

David Benz

My partner Scott Vaughan and I were working for a small cabinet shop in the mid-198os on Jefferson Blvd.: Scott was trained as an architect and was drafting furniture the old fashioned way (before CAD was invented ): by pencil, and I was the owner’s assistant. The owner fell ill and passed away. Read more>>

Evan Viera

After working together in a shared studio space for a year, founders Evan Viera and Tommy Wooh decided to form ROYGBIV, a collective creating narrative-driven projects. As directors, Evan and Tommy have their share of experience, expertise and talent. Read more>>

Lexi Eveleth

Ever Laser is a laser cutting company born out of my love for design and technology. I am a very hands on person, so when I was planning my wedding, I couldn’t help but get swept up in the details. I had taken a class in laser cutting and engraving, and decided to employ that skill in my invitations and decor for my big day. Read more>>

Ben Reddell

How’s it going! I’m Ben Reddell. General Manager of Bedrock LA, and Creative Director of Grand Ole Echo. Both businesses I represent are located here the neighborhood of Echo Park. I’ve been working for Bedrock since 2009 and helping with Grand Ole Echo since 2011. Read more>>

Emiliana Guereca

I started my business in 2003 as a staffing agency. I strictly staffed events, tradeshows, The Grammy’s, music festivals, Food festivals, premieres..etc I soon realized most of my clients were asking me to produce part of their event and not paying me for it! They were paying me for staff, but would ask for advice on producing the event. Read more>>

Gina Cuellar

I went through PTSD and concurred the struggles of depression, detachment, anxiety, numbness, fear, anger, guilt and shame, after being raped at age 17 and having a daughter. My life was turned upside down, leaving me feeling absent and not being able to understand all the reasons of “what did I do wrong, to deserve this?” Not knowing how to move forward and struggling with the symptoms of PTSD, I finally reached out and surrendered myself to the Lord. Read more>>

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