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Doohichy Craftique’s Platonic Collaboration

Today we’d like to introduce you to Doohichy Craftique, one of the businesses Moni & her team collaborated with during the production of their webseries Platonic.

Sade, we’d love to hear a bit of your personal story and how you got to where you are today personally and what inspired you to start Doohicky Craftique.
I’m Sade, Chief Darling and creator of Doohicky Craftique. I’m originally from Mobile, AL. I’m a quirky, southern girl who now lives in St. Louis who loves to craft beautiful things. I’ve always loved fashion and crafting since I was a child. I love making people feel great and helping them welcome their individuality. Doohicky Craftique was birthed from my love of fashion, inspiration from my hometown, a need to exercise my creativity, and inspired by a sick mother. My mom lives with lupus and has been living with the diagnosis since I was about 7 years old. She wasn’t always able to afford name brand items, which pushed me to develop my own funky style. So I infuse that style into my business by having mostly handmade lifestyle accessories. These accessories range in price from affordable to luxury. Items vary from mostly handcrafted earrings to all handcrafted crochet items.

Can you tell us more about the brand, what it represents and what you hope people will take away from it?
Doohicky Craftique brings the world creative, fabulous fashion, that empowers and inspires people to love themselves when the world pushes one dimensional beauty. Doohicky Craftique represents freedom of the individual, freedom of expression, and celebrates individuality. I hope Doohicky inspires people to be themselves unapollogetically, and to know it’s okay to let your light shine because you will never influence the world by trying to fit into it. You are specially and wonderfully made and the world doesn’t need a copy of someone else but they do need you to live your life authentically on purpose!

Tell us about your collaboration with Moni & Platonic. We’d love to hear about your work with them and the importance of such collaborations.
One of my favorite quotes to live by is collaboration over competition. I’m a firm believer in there’s enough in the world for everyone to succeed. The collaboration with Moni and Platonic TV was kismet. We had an interaction via email and maybe a year later she reached out about her project and we were definitely excited for the collaboration. We provided her with accessories ranging from a crown to custom pair earrings.  I’ve become one of Moni’s biggest fans, and although we’ve never met in person, I root for her and I share Platonic TV with everyone I come across. She’s definitely a part of my tribe! Building relationships across creative avenues is important because every person you meet knows someone and something you don’t know. I believe in building community because you never know how a person can impact you and who’s advocating for you when you’re not in the room. We limit our perspectives by not including others on our journey. You can shop Doohicky Craftique at and follow this brand across social media on @doohicky_craftique

Learn more & Connect with Doohichy Craftique:


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