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Daily Inspiration: Meet O.B. Amaechi

Today we’d like to introduce you to O.B. Amaechi.

Hi O.B., thanks for sharing your story with us. To start, maybe you can tell our readers some of your backstory.

My family dynamic was a huge contributor to who I’ve become. A middle child with a single mom and six siblings in a praying household taught me how to apply care even when I failed to exercise it. I can honestly say that I am equally close to each of my siblings and for unique reasons.

Before I learned how to interpret what it is that I do, I bounced around doing extremely meaningful work. I started my professional career right out of college as an educator, learning how to lead teams early on as I became the dean of culture in my second year in education. This role aligned to who I was and started my journey in helping others (parents, teachers, students) find that sweet spot within empathy, joy, purpose, and self-discipline.

My role as an administrator was confirmation that the greatness I saw in others could be actualized with a supportive guide; someone or something that provides direction. The vision that we, as humans, are beauty by definition has been my mindset for all the other work I have done as a Music Producer, Relationship/Family Counselor, Event producer/Curator, Fashion Designer, Author, Clinical Research Associate, and DEI Coach.

I’ve always been a thinker. I can remember as early as middle school tuning into all that I saw and heard just to better understand the feeling behind the motivations of people. I practiced seeing the parts of people that represented their highest form; their beauty. Now, I choose to help others ‘feel’ the  beauty in who they are in order to then ‘feel’ the beauty around them. I live by valuing the best in people and not their worst moments. As a thinker, I seek to learn about the brilliance in other people through partnership, observation, engagement, service, and genuine care.

With an affinity for creating beauty in various industries, I learned how to interpret all of my findings into one overarching path.

I am a Social Architect. I identify the ways in which groups of individuals work best and then partner with them to execute their vision. As a Social Architect, it is also very important to see the value of each team member so I help individuals break out of comfort by choosing courage in order to show up in every room as their highest version. The Intentional 5: VERGE is my framework, which produces individualized success and healing through one-on-one coaching, workshops, and my self-paced eCourse ‘On The VERGE’.

Alright, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?

The biggest struggle for me has been learning which steps to prioritize, also known as knowing when to say NO.

As a creative who sees the world in full color, it can be easy to take opportunities because 1.) financial benefits 2.) seems like a great idea; and/or 3.) a client needs help in an area that I am skilled in.

Knowing when to say NO is not only a power used on other people but mostly for speaking to that creative genius within me that just wants to constantly make moves. Sometimes the hardest person to say NO to is yourself.
I have learned to organize and compartmentalize my ideas and this has really disciplined me to execute and complete the most important ideas first.

I had to say NO to fully focusing on pushing my fashion brand because it was time to write a book. God got me to a point that it became clear that I had to put my brand on the side in order to put some much needed attention into my first publication: The Intentional 5: VERGE – Confessions of a Disciplined Thought. Now available on audible!

Alright, so let’s switch gears a bit and talk business. What should we know about your work?

This world needs more empathy, but who has time for that when the greatest challenge is actually being still to listen to our highest thoughts?

After publishing my book, I wanted to reach more people with my message of hope. My book is now available as an audiobook on more than 50 platforms including audible, and I created an eCourse ‘On The VERGE’ on Teachable with resources to help guide people and teams toward self-actualizing.

I specialize in helping people take the bold steps beyond their comfort zones. We all have comfort zones whether it is: leading with an iron fist, only being hospitable to certain clientele, binge-watching TV all day, drinking too much soda, excessively yelling at your kids, shying away from using your voice, and so much more. These comfort zones only exist because it has become automated within us and not necessarily the best choice for our lives. Getting to the highest versions of who we are required gradual change; taking daily steps toward who you know you are at the core of your existence. This is what my eCourse will highlight.

Wake up the Soul, my company, was birthed when I realized that humans hold on to more suffering than they ought to.  When your soul is awakened that means it has found rest. A feeling when the status quo no longer dictates your worth. We have worldly and spiritual desires that are constantly battling for the seat at the top of the hill. I teach 5 foundational principles to keep you disciplined as you focus on the desires of your heart; your purpose. I believe this is where we begin our journey of healing and growth.

My framework includes five guiding principles (The Intentional 5) Vulnerability, Experiences, Relationships, Gratitude, Evaluation (VERGE) that helps individuals and teams begin to unpack their challenges, blindspots, and comfort zones by introspection. All living things grow from within and this is so vital for any person looking to increase self-awareness in order to operate at their highest self.

When you are intentional about demonstrating vulnerability, understanding your experiences, nourishing your relationships, expressing gratitude, and engaging in honest evaluation then you truly begin living!

I am known for building collaborative spaces. One thing people will always say about me is that “OB will accomplish what he has set out to do.” I am a believer. I know the plans for people are attainable once they’re shown how to clear out the fog. I am proud that I choose to learn new things everyday which is a blessing as it shows that I am not too proud to listen to the smallest voice in any room. I like that. Yeah. Hopefully, that never changes because I once was the smallest voice in the room until that one bold person made space for me to speak my thoughts.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers?
I create workshops for teams to build more connections with each other by being more present through active listening and I create safe spaces for individuals to be more intentional about being the highest versions of themselves. This is done through one-on-one sessions and through my five week eCourse – On The VERGE. You can learn more by going to or reaching me and my team directly at

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