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Daily Inspiration: Meet Josh Morrow

Today we’d like to introduce you to Josh Morrow.

Hi Josh, we’re thrilled to have a chance to learn your story today. So, before we get into specifics, maybe you can briefly walk us through how you got to where you are today?
I came up with the idea of Sliders Bakery and Ice Cream Factory about five years ago. I had always been a creator of sorts with a various of things in my life. I had been churning my own ice cream for the better part of a decade for my friends and family, I would often hear the same response “You should do this for a living”. I have a food industry background in various facets that range from chef, bar and waiting. The seed was planted and my best friend and I (whom has always been a big encouragement in my life) began to discuss the venture from A-Z, how to’s and where to’s.

The concept was inspired by my childhood, growing up in the 80’s and 90’s, along with just a true feasting experience for one’s eyes and imagination upon entering the shop. We wanted to pepper in that specific nostalgic feeling, the one you get when watching Back To The Future or Grease.

The idea could not take flight until the logo itself came to fruition. I had the idea for the logo on a scratch piece of paper, that after many scribblings was brought to life in its current day form. Just looking at the logo “Sliders” We knew that something special had formed, something that was going to be great.

After many, many months of R&D’ing, the stage was set. I reached out to one of the local real estate agents and began to look for a location. We looked in many different surrounding areas of Los Angeles, but given that Burbank is where not only we call home but most of the studios who created the entertainment of my childhood are, we found a quaint perfect location nestled right in the heart of the city.

After almost two years of massive headaches and an unsurrendering tenacity and determination, we were able to open our doors and welcome in the world, and to no avail it was going great! There were bugs and hitches, but nothing that couldn’t be fixed without some experience and time behind the ships helm. It was a dream come true and it was here for all to see!

Not two weeks removed from our opening we were in for a shock that would rattle us to the core and send us to the brink of extinction. Covid-19 had hit. We had no idea what it was, why it was or how long it was going to be. We were shaken and swimming in a pool of uncertainty, our customers that had flooded through the doors with excitement and enamor over our goodies were gone. The streets were quiet and the vibe was gloom. Were we about to close up our doors to something that we worked so hard for. Our blood, sweat and tears had been evenly distributed across this platform and it appeared to be gone.

We refused to give up. I refused to lay down and put to sleep the dream I had of this place. So after much inner turmoil and discussion with Sammie, we decided to leap into the realm of uncertainty even more, “We shall stay open and keep our course”. We like everyone else moved forward with our lives amidst some of the scariest times we had ever seen. As we watched the news in various forms, realizing that we could help our communities by providing them with items that we had access to such as milk, eggs, flour and other various things. We also could offer a sense of normalcy with a local Bakery and Ice Cream shop.

One week and no sales later into the Covid-19 pandemic, we remained open and hopefully optimistic, we had our first customer come through our doors fully masked and through our Plexiglass windows we greeted and exchanged pleasantries. They had come after hearing we had yeast. We gladly provided free of charge. We even offered them some of our fresh baked cookies and ice cream. It felt almost normal.

Word of mouth was beginning to spread and we had a slightly steady customer base, the light shone on from the other side of the otherwise dark and endless tunnel. They were coming back for the product that we were creating, our joy through creating ice cream, cookies and pies was being used as a therapy to whomever was feeling lonesome, trapped or just confused with the state of society. It was progressing back to normal.

Two years later and now on the outside of a Covid-19 pandemic, we are still open and operating. Now we just do our best to navigate through these new times and keep providing our product and good vibes to all who want to experience it.

We provided classics and new twists from our kitchen laboratory, always extracting excitement and imagination from our think factory to challenge ourselves have fun and pass that on to our customers!

Can you talk to us a bit about the challenges and lessons you’ve learned along the way. Looking back would you say it’s been easy or smooth in retrospect?
Fact of the matter is that it has not been easy. There have been many struggles (Covid-19 pandemic, Riots/Protest, uncertainty with the future) but through those struggles, we learn and adapt to get better. When you see the smiles and excitement of the people that come. To hear that they enjoy something you make from your own love is worth it. Hours of long, hard late nights come together at that moment, in their approval. It means everything.

Alright, so let’s switch gears a bit and talk business. What should we know about your work?
I am the head chef of Sliders Ice Cream. I specialize in the creation of our flavors amongst other things. I am most proud of the body of work that I have produced since the opening of Sliders. I try and keep our flavors inventive, cutting edge and delicious. My goal is to captivate my audience with something familiar while partaking in the wild side.

For instance, you take my flavors like “Smoke and Oil” (My house made silky chocolate ice cream smoked to perfection with ribbons of sea salt caramel and white chocolate pearls) is a pure bliss for the senses. It is a perfect pairing with a glass of Pinot Noir, which is my favorite wine that I drink and relaxing with some Horace Parlan jazz music. Perfect.

My “Southern Style Banana Pudding” (A house-made banana ice cream with a banana sauce dollops of fresh whip and broken wafers throughout) takes me back to my upbringing in the Midwest and southern summer nights when we had neighborhood BBQ’s, family gatherings, baseball games, rope swings and just that warm summer breeze. It was always a staple on the tables.

I feel my creativeness sets me apart. My brain is constantly producing something somewhere. All of my flavors have a story that comes from my experiences in life. As crazy as that sounds, I like to think of myself in the way a songwriter writes a song from his or her life trials. It’s a crazy process but a hell of a fun ride. Sammie says we could sell tickets to the adventures that happen in my brain. But I am a leader, never been one to follow. I love to create paths, I have always aspired to be a trailblazer.

How do you define success?
For business, it’s always Repetition. If I can have everyone that comes and experiences what we do and want to return and make us their “thing” that to me is successful.

Longevity. I would like to have Sliders span across many generations for all to experience. Similar to other household names and brands that we liken to a good times or memorable moments in our lives.

Reach. I would love for everyone everywhere to enjoy and have Sliders. I constantly chase high quality. That has been a mission, if it’s good enough for my family, then it’s good for you and your families.

Contact Info:

  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Instagram: #sweetsliderslife
  • Facebook: @sweetsliderslife
  • Other: 3118 W.Burbank Blvd, Burbank Ca 91505

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