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Daily Inspiration: Meet Christine Mama

Today we’d like to introduce you to Christine Mama.

Hi Christine, so excited to have you on the platform. So before we get into questions about your work-life, maybe you can bring our readers up to speed on your story and how you got to where you are today?
Telling you how I became a producer and environmental activist starts with my education. My background is in Advertising. I learned how to develop a campaign and how to hone into creativity to deliver a message through different mediums. When I graduated, I was lost. I didn’t know what to do with this knowledge. I moved to Los Angeles jobless ready for my future to unfold with skills I didn’t yet have a purpose for.

I worked odd jobs as a receptionist, a server, a bartender, and as an analyst. Then, a friend introduced me to the production world. I was hired as an Art Production Assistant at CreatorUp, a start-up founded by Mike Tringe. I quickly gained a new skill set and rose to lead the Art Department. I had a knack for dressing a camera frame and an intuition on how to use the space to lead the eye visually to the subject and what was important.

What I found in production was a way to engage my creativity. I worked with peers who had the same passion for bringing visions to life. It was completely different from my analyst workdays enclosed in a windowless office staring at a computer examining data in an Excel spreadsheet. Numbers didn’t speak to me as they have for others. That was not how my brain worked. I quit my office job, closed my eyes and took the leap into the production world as a full-time freelancer. Over the six years working in production, I have moved on to different roles exploring other uses for creativity and strategy by producing and directing.

Alright, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?
I have experienced the effects and struggles that many startups do with the rollercoaster rise and fall of victories and defeats. I have watched Mike grow CreatorUp into a multi-million dollar company by adapting his vision to the changing marketplace while never forgetting the core company values- inclusivity and equal opportunity. He taught me that resilience, passion and a message are the only driving force worth dedicating your life to.

These lessons were invaluable in moving on to a bigger purpose. Environmental activism.

As you know, we’re big fans of you and your work. For our readers who might not be as familiar what can you tell them about what you do?
My activism journey started when I moved from Venice to Marina del Rey, where I bought a boat. This made the ocean accessible in my daily life. Seeing the vastness and feeling the heaviness of the water miles from the coast of Los Angeles where land is no longer visible was awakening. With no other humans in sight, floating on the ocean’s surface, I found balloons, plastic bags, plastic bottles and other impenetrable waste – the legacy of the human species.

As COVID-19 spread throughout the world leading to global quarantines, I found myself working remotely, spending more time than ever above the ocean getting to know my neighbors, who became my quarantine family.

One of these neighbors was Sara Newton. Her talent for storytelling with humor and her love for the ocean converged to form her passion project, Conservation Comedy, a production house committed to spreading awareness through one of the purest human emotions, laughter.

I joined her mission as Executive Producer and Strategy Director. With a team of like-minded creatives, we made sketch comedy with just an idea and a desire to create.

As we developed content, more and more creatives became involved to spread this message. We were invited to participate in the 2021 Hollywood Climate Summit, a yearly event that dissects the film industry’s role in the climate crisis. Julie Andersen, CEO of Plastic Oceans International, started to promote our comedy sketches on global social channels. She was looking for someone to start the Los Angeles Chapter of Plastic Oceans. We united. I am now tasked with helping move both Conservation Comedy and Plastic Oceans forward by promoting a message of sustainability and pushing for policy change in our local community.

In an environmentally and technologically connected world, this seemingly daunting task requires visual media to empower every person in this human movement. Sight and sound can evoke a spark from within and change how you see those around you, how you see the community and the world around you. It immerses your senses allowing you to feel emotions that make humans so unique. It motivates you to love, to cry, and to laugh. Film is the medium for our rally cry. There is no more important message than saving that of humanity and our existence.

We start by leading by example and normalizing behavior that will promote a sustainable future. Not only by showing sustainable behavior but by not showing wasteful behavior.

By refusing unnecessary plastic produce bags or reusing items to reduce waste, you become a soldier defending the oceans, the planet and life. With these two changes, you are standing up to join the fight for tomorrow.

We have all turned a blind eye at one point or another. We have ignored the effects of climate change from the melting glaciers to the recurring fires and storms. It’s okay, we were sleeping. We are still sleeping. Now we must wake up and stand up.

Stand up for what we love and what we need – a healthy planet and a thriving ocean. Our environment, our history, and our culture is on the line. Our world is filled with history. We must never take for granted that we are part of a living planet, an ecosystem creating one globally connected community. All of the experiences, knowledge and discoveries that we have uncovered will be lost if we do not take action. This is not just a climate crisis, this is a humanitarian crisis. It’s time to Stand Up.

Stand up and lead the future to one that can sustain our presence.
Stand up by joining a community that chooses tomorrow.
Stand up by giving mother nature a chance to heal herself.
Stand up by making better choices.
Stand up by being human.
Stand up by crying.
Stand up by laughing.

I stand up for my mom, my dad, my sisters, my niece and nephews, my partner, and my friends. I stand up for those who are not able to.

I stand up for the ocean, for creating, for surfing, for tiramisu, for monochrome fashion. I stand up for all of the things I love. What will you stand up for Los Angeles?

Join the Stand Up movement at @ plasticoceansla

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Photos by Meedo Taha (CreatorUp), Erik Smith (Banana Man Films), and Alex Tafreshi (20Twenty Productions)

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