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Daily Inspiration: Meet Angelique W

Today we’d like to introduce you to Angelique W.

Angelique, we appreciate you taking the time to share your story with us today. Where does your story begin?
I’ve been involved in the arts ever since I was a little kid; dance, acting, music, painting, modeling, you name it. As soon as I graduated college with my theatre degree, I hit the road to LA. California always called to me and I felt it’s where I needed to be to make it happen. Growing up in Jersey and NYC gave me a hard foundation to start my life but I knew I needed to go west to really hit my potential. The minute I got to SoCal everything took off pretty quickly, it was insane. I dove headfirst into working for this company called Arsenic and that gave me my push to assimilate into the industry out here. I met a lot of influential people that helped me put my dreams into action. I started collaborating with other creatives; models, actors, photographers, videographers, etc. to build a name for myself. I understood how to utilize social media and used that to my advantage to branch out. Through modeling and networking, I made my way into the underground fashion scene and eventually, into the festival circuit. From there, I started dancing for entertainment companies such as Insomniac and Zen Arts, performing at everything from private parties to massive EDM events. Hollywood seems pretty big and scary when you’re looking at it from the outside, but once you meet one person, you start to meet them all. Then you realize that the circles are small and nepotism is alive and well.

Ultimately it worked in my favor because from a connection I made with photographer Matchapazzi, I was able to land a gig as the talent for a startup all girl streamer house. At the time, I’ve heard of live streaming and Twitch but never really gave it a second thought. The time at the house was short-lived due to poor management, but it introduced me to Twitch (and some amazing girls, two of who are my current roommates). I still had a passion to stream, and my best friend Kris motivated me to continue my channel and work from home. I started on a shitty little computer and stayed diligent. Two years later, I’m still streaming, with an amazing setup that my community helped me build, and it feels phenomenal. Currently, I’m also still dancing, modeling, acting, and even painting. I started a little company of my own last summer called The Crystaleyezed Cult where I design and paint animal skulls with crystals. I’m very proud of it and have plans to eventually honor people’s deceased pets to memorialize them. On top of that, I recently started working for body painter and artist John Born, and I’m excited to see our projects expand and to learn from him. *Special mention to Jason Xanon for suggesting me for this interview*

We all face challenges, but looking back would you describe it as a relatively smooth road?
It’s been anything but a smooth road. I don’t often talk about my hardships because I try not to dwell on the past, but there were many even right from the get. The year I moved out to Los Angeles, my uncle was diagnosed with cancer. It only took a few short months before I got the call to come home and say goodbye. It was one of the most traumatic experiences in not only my life but my family’s, and it destroyed me. My Uncle Matt deserved to be recognized because he helped raise me and made me the person I am today. He instilled in me core values that I am so grateful for and appreciative of now as a young adult. I would not be where I am, physically or mentally, if it weren’t for him. I miss him every day. Coming back to LA after that, being separated from my family was bittersweet, and I struggled to get back on my feet as my ambition wavered.

Shortly after that, I dealt with horrible skin issues, acne caused from the dry heat that I wasn’t used to and stress, hormones, etc. That kept me from auditioning because I thought I was hideous and I cried every day. It took a lot of money and dermatologist visits to finally see a change, and I wasted so much time feeling and looking that way. I had a terrible depression spiral in the summer of 2016 and took a road trip back home to spend time with family and hopefully rejuvenate. I was in a very dark place for a long time, and that’s putting it lightly. Even though it subsided, I still struggle to fight it and deal with heavy anxiety and panic attacks. It’s all a learning process and fighting your own inner demons. I endured a painful breakup of a very long relationship the following year, which left me totally lost and again, unmotivated. Other than that, the usual struggles everyone who moves to a big city at a young age handles: homesickness, money problems, fake people trying to use you for their own personal gain, sexual predators in higher positions of power that determine your fate, the whole nine. Through it all, I have my family and my friends, the universe on my side, and a whole life of experiences to look forward to. Being positive isn’t being insincere, it’s knowing that things are bad sometimes, but that overall, it will get better.

Can you tell our readers more about what you do and what you think sets you apart from others?
I model for various fashion companies and artistic projects; constantly collaborating with friends and like-minded creatives. I act in everything from short films to music videos, even extra work for tv shows or movies here and there. I go-go and pole dance for various entertainment companies. I design my skulls for TCC, paint art commissions on canvas, and assist with murals, etc. I stream on Twitch. I make TikToks and collaborate with other content creators for different platforms of social media, like YouTube, etc. Honestly, I’m equally proud of everything I do because I’m living my life the way I want to live it; not how I was told to or how it was portrayed to me by the majority of the world. My favorite compliment(s) that sets me apart from others, or so I’m told, is my positive attitude, my willingness to tackle any kind of creative project, and my drive to do it well.

Can you tell us more about what you were like growing up?
Growing up, I was really weird haha I still am. But I was an only child, so I used my imagination and made my own fun a lot of the time. I was always entertaining people and I knew there was nothing else in the world that made me happier. I was a social butterfly as my mom likes to say; outgoing, I loved making friends and bringing people together to have good times. Very outspoken and headstrong got me into trouble sometimes but that’s the east coast in me. It gave me thick skin to tackle living in a place like LA. I’ve enjoyed the little things in life ever since I can remember, especially in nature, and I was adventuring constantly. I’ve changed, but I’m still the same person, and I consider that a good thing. “When you get older, your heart dies” – Ally Sheedy, ‘The Breakfast Club’…but only if you let it.

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