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The Daily Dish: orange blossom carbonated iced tea at Lift Coffee Roasters

Today we’d like to introduce you to Uptown Whittier’s Lift Coffee Roasters.

So let’s start at the beginning – how’d you get into the restaurant business?
In 2013 – two local Riverside natives launched Lift Coffee Roasters, the city’s first coffee roasters. The cafe was well received turning profit in 2014 and winning the city’s annual – Young Entrepreneur Award. While these coffee lovers got the “coffee part” right, they were not structured or financed to grow the business to a multi-site and multi-city enterprise.

I became an owner in 2016 with the goal of expanding Lift into other communities similar to Riverside Ca. As a Riverside native myself, I am proud to lead a company that values “beauty, community and commerce.” We make it a priority to bring ethically sourced products to the communities we serve. In that short year, we have opened two additional Riverside store-fronts, Uptown Whittier, and our Costa Mesa, Ca. store-front is scheduled to open towards the end of this year.

about us:

Beauty, Community and Commerce.

We make it a priority to bring ethically sourced – single origin coffee to the communities we serve.

Specialty coffee served in a cozy cafe with rustic aesthetics.
(+tea/pastries/organic pressed juice/vegan options)

What have been the biggest challenges you’ve faced over the years?
Leeba and Gio are partners at LLGA Holdings, a company that owns/operates a consortium of cafes:
Lift Coffee Roasters(5) Aunties Cafe(1) and Baileys Neighborhood Juicery(1).

The exhaustion of working eighty hour weeks.

What stands out about Lift Coffee Roasters?
Ethically sourced – single origin coffee, tea and vegan options served in a cafe dressed in chic rustic aesthetics. The coffee bar at our original cafe is an airplane wing. The wing came from an airplane that crashed downed the street in the 1960s. We plan to keep the aviation theme consist with hints of the communities each cafe serve.

Most Popular Items

orange blossom carbonated iced tea

iced latte

acai bowl

organic acai and coconut sorbet base with banana, fresh berries, coconut, and chocolate almond granola.
Dietary: Vegan

baileys pressed juice

organic pressed juices at liftParking Advice:

Happy Hour:

Average Entre Cost:$5-$15

Address:6701 Greenleaf Ave. Whittier, Ca. 90602



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