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Courtnie’s Collaboration with Platonic

Today we’d like to introduce you to Courtnie. Moni & her team collaborated with Coldway during the production of their webseries Platonic.

We’d love to hear a bit of your personal story and how you got to where you are today.
I inherited my passion for music from my grandmother and via my dad’s expansive record collection at a young age. As I grew older all I heard was the radio, from V103 and WGCI in Chicago to 95.5 in St. Louis, and I can honestly say that type of radio is unmatched in other cities. The Midwest has something special. My soulfulness comes from there and I take pride in my roots because of that.

I later ended up at USC where I studied Business and Cinematic Arts. Somewhere between Love Jones and Girlfriends, I knew I wanted to tell stories about black women, so I initially aimed to do it through film and television. That’s still a goal of mine, but I fell into music soon after. My parents wanted me to go to church in LA while I was in school, and I wasn’t really feeling that, but I joined the gospel choir to appease them. And when one of my good friends who also drummed for the choir found out I had a voice, he asked me to write and sing over one of the first tracks he produced. We just kept going from there.

Can you tell us more about the your work, what it represents and what you hope people will take away from it?
I’m a sensual, playful, conscious artist with a fiery stage presence. My sound straddles soulful and ethereal. I hope that one day my music and brand will help black people win, and make people of all walks want to be good to one another.

Tell us about your collaboration with Moni & Platonic. We’d love to hear about your work with them and the importance of such collaborations.
Moni reached out to me via a mutual friend, which resulted in my music being featured in of Platonic The Series. I’m super honored and as I mentioned before, I really love working with people who are telling black stories. We’re finally in an era where the gatekeepers are changing (and in some instances, nonexistent. read: the Internet) and I’m happy to contribute my music to anything and everything that diversifies the storytelling landscape. Shout out to Moni and her series for featuring me!

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