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Conversations with Adam Aguirre

Today we’d like to introduce you to Adam Aguirre.

Hi Adam, thanks for sharing your story with us. To start, maybe you can tell our readers some of your backstory.
As an Actor and a Pool Builder, I began both at different times however in today’s time, I do try to make “my 2 lives” coexist because both fields play a huge role in who I am today.

Acting was always my true passion and dream, I began acting at a young age in community theater plays, in Jr.High and High school.

My swimming pool business began my senior year of high school, I used to clean friend’s parent’s swimming pools, I had a route of 2-3 pools I would do on the weekend for extra money, I was originally supposed to go to a four years university after high school but due to financial reasons, I was unable to attend.

I remember feeling lost and directionless, but around my 18th birthday I had an epiphany that not going to college was out of my control however, I must control what I can.

If was not going to leave town for a true college experience, I would stay home- grow my pool service business and more importantly pursue a career in acting.

To appease my mom and make her proud, I ended up attending East Los Angeles College full time while building my business and pursuing my dream career of being a working actor. That was one of the hardest times in my life because I felt like I had 3 careers in one, but again that was a time in my life that molded me into who I am today, and who I am still becoming.

Along the way, I got 2 AA degrees from ELAC, my C-53 contractor’s license at 23 years old, making me the youngest licensed contractor in California.

As an actor, I got 2 TV bookings and can be seen on NCIS, miscellaneous commercial bookings, and a recent booking in a feature film starring Amy Poehler and Chelsea Perreti.

The business would grow along the way too, the very same pool route of 2-3 friends, parent’s pools I would clean as a senior is now over 150 pools large, we have multiple trucks and service guys which allows me to focus on the part of the pool industry I enjoy which is new pool construction.

I like new pool construction because it is a chance to be creative, I get to design and build beautiful new pools that did not exist before, I get to completely transform a dirt lot into a beautiful backyard oasis often exceeding my client’s expectations.

My business partner in pool building is my childhood best friend and it is a blessing to see our business grow at a rate that often feels overnight, He is someone that inspires me every day to be the best businessman, best person, best partner and best friend that I can be.

It is ironic that I build pools when I don’t even like to swim- haha!!

A successful acting career is my true goal in life but I am very grateful to swimming pools and my fast-growing pool-building business for keeping me afloat and giving me the financial freedom to pursue the life I dream to have.

Can you talk to us a bit about the challenges and lessons you’ve learned along the way. Looking back would you say it’s been easy or smooth in retrospect?
Unfortunately, the road to success is never smooth, my Dad once told me “If it was easy, everyone would do it” and I swear I tell myself that every single day. My Dad would see me sometimes leave at 5am and come home at 9:30pm, he would see me come in dirty, sweaty, with pipe glue or cement dust on my hands and clothes, often with dried blood on my fingers, just a defeated look. However I feel it is the blood, sweat and tears that mold you and make you appreciate success when you begin to see it.

Before I got into pool building, all I did was pool service and pool repairs and for a long time, I was a one-man army, as I got more experienced and more busy I was able to buy another truck and hire my first employee, it wasn’t until I got my contractor’s license did I actually have a business partner or a secretary that helps me run the show today.

Smooth seas have never made a skilled sailor, owning your own business can be very scary and very stressful. There is no one above you in terms of hierarchy when someone is upset and wants to talk to the owner, you are the owner.

There is no guaranteed income, I always admired the idea of a salary job, or guaranteed weekly pay job, however when you want to be a business owner or entrepreneur, that life is not for you.

There is often tremendous pressure to get up and after every day and hustle because if you don’t you and your business can go bankrupt.

In today’s time this one-man army now has a partner, office, secretary, trucks, employees and we are in a much better place than when I first started, but that pressure is still there just as if I first got started because now my employees must get paid weekly, I must find and have work for them to do, I have a large overhead that I have to make sure is covered. There is so much planning, scheduling and meetings, I always say when I make a mistake “it is so hard to be perfect” but when you try and try to be, the mistakes happen so much less.

The challenges along this road, are finding good people, building a good team, and most importantly being a good leader and to be open to the ideas of others.

As I mentioned I dream of a career in acting and film, treating my acting career as I treat my pool business is why I have seen some notable bookings in my career. It is a priority and it matters.

I’ll never forget when I auditioned for NCIS, I had the audition but my swimming pool route that day was in Orange County, so I woke up at 4am, worked a half-day in Orange County; drive to paramount studios, changed in the parking lot from work clothes to clothes for the scene auditioned, changed back in the parking lot and went back to work, for the callback audition I did the same thing and then I booked it, my first TV booking for a CBS hit show, NCIS.

It would have been so easy to find an excuse not to go to that audition but I did and it changed my life, hard work beats talent, the less excuses you find the more results you will see.

Appreciate you sharing that. What else should we know about what you do?
I think what makes my story unique is that I am an actor with a different day job than my fellow actors. I am also a business owner, I’m an entrepreneur, a producer, an East Los Angeles College graduate and I’m a friend, a brother, and a son, but all in all, I am a dreamer and a do-er. I even used to own like 6 vending machines Ahaha, but that is a story for a different day.

I spend so much time thinking about my future and what I can do to achieve my goals, without my goals I feel I have nothing, but I feel that is both a strength and a weakness.

It is a strength because I’m always thinking of the next step ahead, I’m always thinking of how to improve and be the best version of myself, I am never satisfied.

It is a weakness because being never satisfied I am often minimizing my successes or poking holes in the things I have achieved when I know looking back I would have killed to be where I am today – so there is a fine line I feel I need to find. A line between being proud of what I have done and where I am, while still having eyes on where I will be someday.

I have a lot to be proud of, I am proud of my NCIS booking, getting to watch myself on TV, I’m proud of being in the Amy Poehler and Chelsea Perreti movie and getting to see myself on the big screen, I’m proud of being able to buy myself a Porsche at 20, my contractor’s license at 23, being at the time the youngest in California to have one, I’m proud of how much my business has grown since my senior year, I’m proud of a lot of these pools we finish building.

I’m proud of myself for choosing to never quit or give up despite how hard life is or on days my mental health wins the battle but I still get out of here, I’m proud of a lot I have done, but I know in my soul all of that will be the tip of the iceberg in comparison of what I will do someday. Consistency is the key to success and I am proud to be consistent.

Is there a quality that you most attribute to your success?
Confidence. Confidence is a key to success. I have been told there is a healthy arrogance to me. I often battle imposter’s syndrome, but I combat with the idea of “fake it till you make it”

When I sold my first new pool construction deal, no one knew that was my first pool I would ever build, but I walked in there with such confidence it looked as if I had done 100 times.

My first TV booking working with such successful actors, no one knew it was my first time on a TV set, I acted as if I had done so many times before and I made it through it because of it, despite my initial anxiety telling me I didn’t deserve to be there.

Next, is the belief in yourself.

I am very grateful to the many people that believe in me as an actor and as a pool builder but the honest truth is:

No one would believe me If I didn’t first believe in myself!

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