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Conversations with 3x Astro

Today we’d like to introduce you to 3x Astro.

Hi 3x, thanks for joining us today. We’d love for you to start by introducing yourself.
Everyone has the feeling that their different, and I believe everyone is special so no one is, every human on earth is an artist, the only thing that makes us diverse from each other is what and how we choose to create. I chose fashion, my entire life I’ve been deep in art, before 5th grade I was drawing cars on every piece of paper I could get my hands on, during 5th grade I had a pair of all white high top air forces and a blue dry erase marker. Night before school just going at it, thought I was gonna be the freshest one there. Time I got on the bus to go to school I looked down and see my creations gone, first heartbreak. Then I started to do it with sharpie then it lead to sharpie on jeans as time went on. 8th grade people started paying me to paint their shoes. 9th grade I was charging people $5 in my first period art class to paint on their clothes. I made a flyer with all my pricing on it, sending it to any and everyone, got a lot if hate and little business, then a manager/artist saw my work and we formed a contract for me to sell my work on his website. The hardest part was creating clothes and no one buying it. Then I had to remind myself that I didn’t start this for the money, the best part is seeing something I made from nothing. I’ve been doing NOTHING but creating for the past two years, dreaming of having my work shown in a fashion show. 3/26/21 my first show, I was the main event. Days before the show, I couldn’t sleep, the one thing I wanted I was not ready for but I wasn’t ready to be born either. Doors kept opening so I kept pushing, a lot of hate but even more support.

Would you say it’s been a smooth road, and if not what are some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced along the way?
Smooth? Far from it, art is all about how the people perceive the creation. My logo is an anarchy sign with a lightning bolt. People see that on a teenage black male and have no interest. But I could give a shit. Every penny made from my art goes back into it, sometimes when I had no scales, I couldn’t purchase new material so I went into making my old pieces better or adding more to them. Inspection comes and goes as it pleases, most times after I release a collection, I am mentally and physically drained because I put 333% of effort into just one piece, nights I fell asleep in the garage freezing. When I first started fashion design all I had was acrylic paint, didn’t know any better. Acrylic paint is notorious of its ability to crack and fade when put into the washing machine so my work was not durable, and that does not make customers come back. When I finally learned how to make my work washing machine proof it put holes in my pocket but was worth it. If my craft wasn’t so expensive, I would do it for free because I just love creating but as good as that sounds, this world runs on money.

Appreciate you sharing that. What else should we know about what you do?
I am an artist most times, I try to not categorize and limit myself to fashion design although denim, cotton, canvas is my main media at the end of the day, I am an artist. The namez Astro, that name was given to me by a close friend. In my art, I tell stories, give inspiration and make you think, but you’ll only notice when you look closer, with my “PUBLIC ENEMY” volumes the inspiration behind it was ” Self-enlightenment creates a public enemy”-Astro The public or society tries to conform us into one way thinking and doing. If you noticed, social media promotes negativity heavy because it sells. Surrounded by that energy, it manipulates us to question and compare oneself and also judge others. But when you begin to think and judge for yourself, you then oppose the public way of thinking, therefore creating a public enemy. My “TO HELL & BACK” collection was a summary of 2020. The year 2020 will be in 2050’s history books. This has definitely been a difficult & teaching year for most. The “TO HELL & BACK” collection represents the obstacles faced. The butterflies represent how 2020 has changed and matured us. The flames on the wings represent the burning of fake friends/relationships or any unnecessary attachments. The stars represent hope while traveling into the unknown as tomorrow may not be better, but it is a second try. The lightning represents the damage of the perfect storm 2020. I don’t just create to make some meaningless clothes, I create to inspire. I try to limit my outside inspiration so that my art can be as original as possible, the only way to be different is to be yourself.

What does success mean to you?
I really never thought about “success”, rich, wealthy, well known or not TILL DEATH WE MAKE ART, there is no success with my art its just expression, art is pain, not all pain is bad but if true it is felt. People in this world work so that one day they can become “successful” and not have to work again, I create to live so that I don’t have to die again and even when I physically die my art will live long after. I guess that would be my “success”.

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