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Conversations with Kameshia Logan

Today we’d like to introduce you to Kameshia Logan.

Hi Kameshia, we’d love for you to start by introducing yourself.
My story actually begins pretty “late” in life. I put quotes because what some people may think is late is just the starting line for others. At 23, I was working at a job that I absolutely hated and I knew I couldn’t be stuck there forever so I eventually enrolled back in school. I knew I only had two years left in order to earn my Bachelor’s, so I wanted to go ahead and knock that out so I could move ahead in life. Unfortunately, when I asked my job to switch my schedule around so that I’d be able to work and go to school at the same time, they turned around and fired me. I was so devastated…for about two hours, ha! One of my best sister-friends was basically like, “why are you sad? You hated that job! Now you can focus on what you need to do for you.” She was so right! I started school the very next day and I was so grateful to have the extra time I needed to get it together and readjust my life. Even though I had to commute an hour back and forth, it was well worth it and in 2018, I received my degree from UCM. The crazy thing is though that I still didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life.

During my last semester at school, me and my friend would sit at the computers in the library looking for jobs other than English teachers for people with a degree in English. We stumbled upon a bunch of different things but my eyes kept landing on “screenwriter” which was honestly all very new to me. Somehow another friend of mine convinced me to look at schools to get my Master at out-of-state. When I tell you, everything was all a blur to me, but I just kept looking for something to spark my interest. I found one school in Burbank, California and I put my application in. It was the cheapest school that I had found so I just went with it. It was also the ONLY application that I put in. I did it and didn’t think anything else of it, knowing I would never move to California. My family is so close-knit and my whole life was in Kansas City. Why would I ever leave? I was oh so wrong chile! Fast forward to the summer after I graduated, I found out I was accepted. I still didn’t think I would go, but something kept telling me to step out on faith and just leap.

So I did. Everything fell in place for me to go and it was like God cleared a straight path for me. I moved to Cali and the rest is her-story. I was enrolled in the Screenwriting Program at the New York Film Academy and I learned everything from ground zero. A lot of people that I met were already so experienced and at first, it was intimidating, but I made a great circle of friends that kept me focused and lifted and still do to this day. Not only am I a screenwriter, but an aspiring plus-size model, an actor, pushing to be a producer and even through this pandemic, I’m blessed enough to say I’m still in California making things happen as much as I can.

Alright, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?
Absolutely NOT! That close-knit family I was just talking about was not about to let the BABY of the family moved to California all by her lonesome. That was one of the most challenging things I would say on the outside. If I could’ve packed my daddy, mama, and sisters in a suitcase you better believe they would be living right next to me. Growing up, I was very carefree. I had a lot of friends, a lot of fun, I was involved in every church activity you could think of and I was always out somewhere with somebody doing something. When I came to California, it was a huge wake-up call. Imagine being a super extrovert with not one friend to call and do something with. Thank God for my cousin to hang with when I got here because I would’ve been a full-court mess without her. Also, when I entered undergrad fresh out of high school, I had so many dreams and goals, but I squandered that in trade of doing absolutely nothing. I barely participated in anything and I worked a lot. If I wasn’t doing those two things, I was probably in my dorm room sleep or not doing anything.

Right before I left for school, my family found out some devastating things about this organization we had been involved in my whole life. So many people I trusted turned their backs on our family and I lost a big part of my happy-go-lucky self. I felt like I had been living in a bubble and someone came and popped it just for fun. My grades were horrible, and the crazy thing is that I was top 5 in my high school graduating class. My sophomore year, I ended up on academic probation and that’s when I decided to go home and move back in with my parents. There were so many times that I thought that was just going to be my life. Working a dead-end job and living with them for the rest of my life. My mental was so messed up back then. Looking back, I’m so glad I’m not that person anymore, but it was hard finding this person that I am now through all that drama. The road is still not smooth even now, but you find a way to navigate through it. I just keep my eyes open and on the prize and have faith that everything will work out. My biggest flex is knowing God has my back even when the world turns their back on me.

Thanks for sharing that. So, maybe next you can tell us a bit more about your work?
As of now, my biggest claim to fame is being a screenwriter. I absolutely love writing and it definitely keeps me going and striving for more. I mostly write comedy for television and lately, I’ve been exploring rom-coms and stories that are specific for African Americans like myself. I do really well at writing realistic situations, and if I meet someone I can write a story and turn them into a character easily. My specialty is taking real stories…real life and making it funny. Laughter is good medicine, and I want others to experience as much joy in their lives as I have in mine. This year I’m getting into writing short films and such. Sometimes I still feel like a beginner because I want to tap into so many different things that I know I’ll be excellent at. I do plus-size modeling, but only as a hobby for now. It’s been challenging to actually tap into that industry at 5’4″ but I know that if I keep knocking, my door is bound to fly open at some point.

I am also dabbling with acting as I think it’s important for women that look like me to be included in all conversations. It is 2021 and people still can’t accept plus size women and it’s really crazy to me. Everyone isn’t a size nothing and the internet will have you thinking that you’re not good enough, or small enough, or pretty enough and the list goes on. I will continuously push to include all different shapes, sizes, colors, sexual orientations, etc. in the content that I produce. I am most proud of the fact that I am still here and I’m still going. Simply put, it’s hard out here…for everybody! I wake up everyday and try to make content that people can relate to and have something to talk about. It’s not just for me, it’s for the world. I think what sets me apart from others is my giving heart, warm kind spirit, inclusive personality, and I think outside the box. The ideas that I come up with are original, creative, and inclusive of different types of people who thrive in different spaces in the community and world. I want everyone to feel like they’re apart of the work that I make.

If you had to, what characteristic of yours would you give the most credit to?
Faith. Without it, I don’t see a future. Without it, I’m not hopeful for anything and everything stops when one door is closed. Faith has allowed me to understand that life is not about what you can see and feel, it’s about the things you can imagine. The things that have not been thought of yet, that you will make. Faith has carried me, and it always will. There is something greater than me, and when I am not satisfied with what is in front of me, faith causes me to believe that there is and will always be more.

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