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Check Out Selsela Ashraty’s Story

Today we’d like to introduce you to Selsela Ashraty.

Hi Selsela, so excited to have you with us today. What can you tell us about your story?
My journey started three years ago. I wasn’t feeling well and was at a rock bottom. I started to reflect about my childhood and what I always liked. I saw a pattern in my life, my main source of comfort was always TV and Movies. As a child, I always loved plays we prepared in school and kindergarten and I thought to myself, “I want to go on a couple of auditions and see if I am going to like it.” I went to my first audition after that decision and it changed my perspective on my own life. I went to “The Celebrity Experience” audition and I waited 7 hours to get my turn. I surprised myself with staying there and waiting my turn for that long. It was a crazy popular audition and I just felt that I really wanted this audition. When I finally got my turn, I already saw all the other auditions and thought to myself, I can’t present the same piece of monologue the same way the others did, Standing there in front of the Celebrity Adrian R’Mante (The Suite Life of Zack & Cody) I had to do a quick thinking. “Be smarter and be resourceful” is what I thought, and an idea came to me. I decided I am going to sing my monologue like I am in a musical. Early the next morning, I got a call from them and they told me that I got a spot and I am booked. When I got there, signed my contract, I saw a family that needed help with translation, I ended up helping there for 7 hours. I didn’t know that Adrian R’Mante was watching me help around. He approached me and told me that he is impressed with my work ethic and offered me an internship in his company. I said yes before even knowing what I needed to do and where it was.

The same night I got all the information to my email and the details were: The internship starts in a week, it will be in Dubai, this is the address. I started packing my bags, booked a flight and flew out the following week to Dubai with $10’000 in debt for a person I didn’t know, to a place I’ve never been, working for a company I didn’t know, for a job that didn’t pay or covered any expenses and I was never happier than in that moment when I boarded that flight for that job.

That was my beginning and since then, I flew out to work for Adrian R’Mante many more times. He is literally the first person that saw my potential in me and gave me a chance to prove myself in what I love. I started booking acting jobs and have been in numerous projects since then. He helped me prepare for a project I won an award for, he supported me in getting a manager who now represents me. I have taken everything he has taught me and the results are showing. My latest project called “Transplant” is an official selection for “Lift-Off Global Network Session 2021” and I will announce the final decision on my Social Media.

I’m sure you wouldn’t say it’s been obstacle free, but so far would you say the journey have been a fairly smooth road?
It has for sure not been a smooth road but a very happy road. I had to learn so many new things. I studied publicity and communication at Zurich University and went to an Italian Art school in Zurich; called Liceo Artistico. I started my acting journey in my second year of University and I decided to drop out of it and pursue acting full time. This industry was an industry I knew nothing about and still have a lot to learn about. I started with none paid jobs and an unpaid internship that really drained me financially. I flew myself out to London, Los Angeles, Dubai, and numerous other places, paying for food and accommodation in unfamiliar towns in order to build my career and get an opportunity and learning from all these celebrities that already worked on Disney, 911 on shows and movies like Power Rangers, High School Musical, The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, Drake & Josh, Annabelle 3 and so many more. I was hungry to learn more, become more, and do more. In order to afford traveling so much for my dream, I started working at four different places: I worked in a hotel, in a restaurant as a server, I worked in a Music company in the back office and I worked in a bank as a clerk. Some of them were part-time and 2 of them were full-time. I worked nearly 18 hours a day and slept 5 hours and if I was lucky I got 6 hours of sleep in. I only took on jobs that gave me the flexibility to take time off if needed for acting and the times I took off were unpaid. Once I took time off for acting I went and worked as much as I could as an intern. I would sleep on the plane, in the taxi, and at the gate to get more hours in at work and earn some extra money.

In return for interning, I got coached and was able to make connections, and out of these internships, some amazing friendships blossomed. I got myself representation with a Los Angeles company while living in Switzerland, most people that are located in the US struggle to get themselves a manager and I did it because I was resilient. I started building a fundament in those first one and half years and after that Covid hit. I am grateful that I was able to pay all the money back, pay for all my travels and expenses that came with it, I was also able to have some money on the side when Covid hit. I think I speak for everyone when I say that Covid made us all face some challenges and struggles we have not faced before. I do think that we all grow from these valleys we go through. Personally, I lost almost all of my jobs during the pandemic and I had to look at my life and reevaluate it. I decided to take better care of my mental health this year and got myself a coach to make my life easier and stronger. I started working on my VISA for the United States and will be moving this summer. Thanks to the pandemic a lot of acting coaches that were only teaching in-person classes in Los Angeles, I now teach online. Which is a plus for me because I usually had to fly myself into Los Angeles take workshops with these wonderful teachers and go back home after a week or two.

Now everything is online and I can be in as many classes as I want from the comfort of my own room.

Appreciate you sharing that. What else should we know about what you do?
I am an actress in Switzerland and want to expand my career. I already filmed my first movie with an American production Company called Hudson Pix. The producer and I became really good friends as well. The movie was sent to Filmfestivals and already became an official selection for the “Lift-Off Global Network Session 2021”. I specialize in acting on TV, Film, new media, and commercials. I love my work and I love everything new I learn about this industry. People know me to be very coachable and love my tremendous work ethic. I always give it my all and I am really proud of it that people see those qualities in me and respect me for them. One piece of work I am really proud of is a short movie that I wrote myself and is now in post-production. I am really excited for it to come out and I am looking forward to it playing on TV.

What sets me apart from others besides my work ethic is my resourcefulness and my creativity. I also expanded myself to work in the singing industry and also started with modeling. While building my brand and myself as a business I came to this realization: there is a lot of people that mean well but give advice on things they know nothing of. When I first started with zero knowledge a lot of people told me I shouldn’t do it. I should first finish my studies so I have a plan to fall back on and I am happy I did not take their advice. I got so far in my career within three years because I used my creativity to how I can make connections and my resourcefulness to keep the connection and make it grow. I approached people that I liked with kindness and made it a mission to make our encounter memorable in a wonderful way. You might ask how I made encounters memorable. I paid attention to what they like and showed genuine interest to want to know more about them. I never walk out of networking sessions with potential employees or jobs but with the beginning of a friendship. I always ended up booking a job with them or thanks to them.

Thus far, I must say I only met nice people in this industry, I guess if I had to say what my superpower is, I would say creating a genuine connection and making people feel heard and safe.

What I do and offer to other actors is, now is that I have gathered a very valuable amount of knowledge about the movie industry help them write their resume industry standard, get publicity, get connections that I have, use platforms that I use and found. I help with creating professional business cards for my clients, dressing for their headshots, and acting coaching especially for self-tapes.

Any advice for finding a mentor or networking in general?
I recommend you get a mentor that shows you how to improve yourself because people will thank you for that if they have to work with you. I happened to get two mentors in my life that I am happy to call my bosses but they are more like a father figure for me: Adrian R’Mante and George Caceres. Adrian saw me work and was impressed with my work ethic and offered me an internship. Since then, he always made an effort to support me. George Careres met me when I was performing a monologue in class. It was my first monologue and I made the whole class cry because they were so touched by my performance. He told me afterward that he sees a bright future for me in this line of work. When he heard me sing he also gave me a wonderful opportunity to sing in front of big labels in Singapore. The advice I can give from that is if you are willing to go above and beyond for yourself and for your dreams people around you will start to make room for you and support you. Only take advice from people that know what they are talking about and from people that have been where you want to be. The advice they give is your coaching and your mentorship. Do not take it for granted and do not take them for granted. The advice a successful person shares with you is very important because it mostly means they believe in you and want to help you reach the same success.

If you struggle to find a mentor by accident that believes in you, just reach out to one. There are so many coaches that are willing to help you and offer one on one coaching. During the pandemic, I did not get to see my bosses from my internships anymore because they live across the world. I felt that there was guidance missing that they made me level up to and I decided to reach out to a personal development coach. I found a company called Guided Intelligence in Canada, I met the owner and his wife at an acting event and became really good friends with the CEO’s wife. I reached out to them to get guidance and I have been getting coaching on life and mindset with him for the last couple of months.

If you would like to get the same support and don’t find networking events during Corona, I will leave my coaches to contact below so you have someone to make already a connection with:

Malcolm Nair
CEO Guided Intelligence


  • $75 getting resume done
  • $75 for Headshot advice
  • $80 One sheet $40 for business cards
  • $120 for an article
  • $100 1 hour consultation

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