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Check Out Karo Méndez’s Story

Today we’d like to introduce you to Karo Méndez.

Hi Karo, it’s an honor to have you on the platform. Thanks for taking the time to share your story with us – to start, maybe you can share some of your backstory with our readers?
“You don’t want to stay in one frequency” Guillermo del Toro. And this is exactly what I feel my life path has been, constantly changing frequencies and tapping into my intuition every time I want to move to a different place, direction or lead a new project.

Culture is my love of language • Storytelling is my way to connect with people • Intuition is my divine GPS.

I am Karo Mendez, an unapologetic artist leading and healing through A.R.T. Founder and creator of REBRANDING PEOPLE | Mindset • Creativity • Evolve.

RBP rebrand minds, souls, bodys through transformational human experience and digital mentorships focused on building a sustainable mindset & life systems that supports people’s personal and career journey in a fast paced world. RBP’s purpose is to connect you with your true self by self-exploration.

I was born and raised in Medellin – Colombia which has been a great foundation and key for nurturing myself with different perspectives and building a stronger vision about my legacy in this world.

My life has been sparkling with some levels of ADHD ( struggle to focus on one thing at a time but I have strengths in productivity) and Autism (makes me a great strategic thinker). I have never been under medication, I just rock with them! Learned how to create sustainable daily systems to help me navigate life and be on a flow of state and stay in my genius zone. So I empower the neurodivergent community out there to practice self discovery to improve their well being and build their life they want.

After finishing college when I was about to choose a career path, I wasn’t quite sure of which one to follow first since I’ve always been fascinated about art, neurosciences and social work.

I decided to go with Fine Arts first to get to know my creative DNA. So I focused on art direction and built my foundation in Theater. Here I experienced an AHA! moment… Higher self told me to go discover storytelling through film set design. So sure I did! Booked a flight to the USA back in 2014 to pursue my career in film. And that’s when I unlocked the next chapter of my life.

Before I started working on film I was part of a culture exchange program in the East Coast for two years where I was studying English and going through my journey as a Latina immigrant. I also worked as a freelance photographer and volunteer in an Ethiopian refugee in D.C. And then back in 2017 took my roots to the West Coast to pivot into art direction in film so I booked my first movie in Hollywood even before I moved there. Universe synced.

Can you talk to us a bit about the challenges and lessons you’ve learned along the way. Looking back would you say it’s been easy or smooth in retrospect?
After being in the film industry for five years, I started facing one of the most challenging stages of my life, working more than 14 hrs daily, experiencing for the first time panic attacks on set, anxiety behaviors, unbalanced work-life, mental fatigue, and fogging thoughts. I also discovered I was physically ill from my breast implants and that some of these symptoms were related to Breast Implant Illness (BII) disease.

I was so scared, sick and unfilled. I definitely needed a CHANGE. And that was the most challenging but also the best timing to Integrate my other 2 passions, neuroscience and social work. Being in a more intentional living state and following my soul’s calling was the beginning of myself healing journey.

And here’s where RPB was born.  Prioritizing well-being and joy over everything since it’s our power force. I realized that being authentically and loyal to ourselves helps us to grow in our best selves. Without fear of being judged. Underneath that chaos my soul was awakening and empowered to lead and help others do the same and build a creative flow to be expanded.

I enjoy working with communities to create impact and design the life and environments we want to live in. RBP is hosting the 1st Live Experience on November/22 in a magical island close to Cancun for people who are seeking a meaningful break to breakthrough in their lives. I’d encourage you to take a look at what RBP’s building and be part of the change. Update your mindset and get aligned with a healthy – wealthy intentional living.

A fellow told me once: “Karo, you have it all. You just have to own it”

Now that’s my message for you. OWN yourself. Honor it! Your future- self will thank you later.

Thanks – so what else should our readers know about your work and what you’re currently focused on?
During my film career as an art director and production designer in films, commercials and docu series has been streamed at Curiosity Stream, Warner, Universal, Sony, Netflix, VICE MEDIA, Refinery 29, Status & Media Center, and USA TV Productions. I had the opportunity to work with an incredible cast such as Dean Norris, Robert Knepper, Raymond Cruz, Reed Birney, Stephen Baldwin, Lin Shaye, and Tobin Bell. And also collaborate with talented directors and production designers such as Rick Lopez, Timothy Woodward, Simon Brand, Markos Keyto, Salvador Parra, and Carlos Osorio.

Last released 8 Episodes Period Docu-series “Titans: The Rise of Wall Street”

Witness the untold story of the history of Wall Street. JP Morgan. Merrill-Lynch. Goldman Sachs… Their early ambition helped transform a nation and changed Wall Street forever.

Currently focused on RBP foundation and keep expanding my mission based on a creative economy.

Also working on “Horney Heart” by Karo Mendez. Podcast for Spanish listeners. Where I talk about the things that get us on fire and keep us moving in life. P.L.A.Y Pleasure Leads Authentic You.

A micro documentary about my experience with BII ( Breast Implant Illness) and how I’m detoxing my whole body from the silicones is releasing at the end of July. –

Designed an E-book for women to track their symptoms and started navigating the disease until they can get explanted.

Workshops- Bootcamps and Speakers Events Fall 2022

•“Welcome to my bathroom” Art Direction Workshop Interactive set design learning experience from 3 creative phases. Read, Write and Design your own Bathroom Set. MDE- COL

•“ The Creative Latinx GPS” Masterclass. Keynote Speaker. Unblocked creativity and intuition to be magnetic in your road.


•“Milky Way Experience” Bootcamp. We are all from a galaxy. Let’s go inwards and play. Make room for creativity and expansion to reconnect with our inner child, the one who holds our soul’s calling.

Currently writing “Made into America”. Book about my personal journey as an immigrator & ditching the American dream.

In every single project I lead by “I am the content and the messenger of my craft”.

Risk taking is a topic that people have widely differing views on – we’d love to hear your thoughts.
I’ve been taking lots of risks in my life journey. It just became part of my daily performance. Risk keeps me moving forward and flowing every day to the things I meant to be. I highly encourage you to approach life from a perspective you have too much to win and nothing to lose. I hacked my subconscious mind to rewire failure and risk as a step closer to the emotion I see myself living in. So it doesn’t scare me, the opposite empowers me for the next quest.

Turn chaos into expanding opportunities.

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