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Check Out Diana Escalera’s Story

Today we’d like to introduce you to Diana Escalera.

Hi Diana, thanks for sharing your story with us. To start, maybe you can tell our readers some of your backstory.
I honestly didn’t know I was going to “start” anything really… I was at my lowest point in life in Brooklyn, NY and I honestly was deep in depression so much so that I’ve attempted suicide multiple times. From self-cutting to pill-popping, I didn’t see much of a future in my life. You see between the death of my parents a month apart in 2004, the lost of my two-month-old son in 2009 & dealing with Domestic Violence throughout the years while raising a daughter… being someone important never crossed my mind. It was all about surviving the projects and making it to live another day. But I was drowning. I had no one to talk to and with the traumas I’ve experienced, trust issues was my number one problem. During my down moments…My mother in law contacted me through Facebook and told me that God told her to get me down to Baltimore Asap. Now at this time, I was naive so I didn’t believe in God really because why would I go through so much pain if God loved me, right? Well, here’s the uniqueness in life when it comes to our personal growth…. Growth hurts but heals at the same time, lol… I took my mother in law advice and came to Baltimore, MD in 2011 because honestly, I was running out of reasons to live so I said, “Baltimore here I come”. I went to school and worked two jobs. During this time, I was very much to myself but it seemed at the time people gravitated to me and told me their problems in life. At first I thought, “eh, it’s just a conversation” then a year later it became a “Convert-sation” where women especially will come and talk to me asking for advice, needing some type of confirmation that their life is purposeful… it scared me at first because the more I talked to people and helped them the more I saw myself in their eyes. See healing is always interchangeable… even if you’re unaware of it. I realize my traumas, the yucky stuff in my life…. Was the kick start of my purpose. I stopped asking myself why I been through this and started asking myself what can I do to get through this……

I started to understand more each day of my very own purpose in life and I remember asking God to make a deal with me, lol.

I said, “Listen, If you can show me how I can be a vessel, then I’ll promise to live freely”.

Most people won’t understand what miracles are until they have nothing left….. I had Nothing left. No happiness. No peace. No love. No light. I felt empty all the time. Until I told my truth over and over and over again – unapologetically.

By 2014, I found myself writing poetry of resolved trauma & performing it. The more I felt connected with people the more I wanted to release every hurt I once had. By 2016, I created my first event called “Love vs Hate” to establish that there’s no “V.S.” they both live together just on different spectrum. By 2018, I created my first healing event called “True Healingz” it was for people to just come in a safe space, pour out whatever you feel, join in a healing necessary conversation, eat, laugh, love and hug. Then women, men and children in Baltimore started to heal out loud by telling me their survival stories. That’s how my business “EYE SURVIVED” started. I had a few amazing people in my corner helping me understand the gift God gave me in my spirit. Eye survived is a platform that focuses on preventing victimize thoughts and behaviors. To empower life and light within the storms of life and to say “You survived to Live” with all your eyes have seen…

I know pain is scary to talk about because it’s raw and it Exposes the REAL feelings underneath the flesh. So I started to become authentic in my story and I always let my family (Anyone that attends to my events/ healing sessions I call Family) know that I’m no different than them. I started to get noticed by the Artistry world and I realized there’s a lot of heavy feelings there in Baltimore & I can totally understand why. So I created more safe spaces such as B.O.S.S. Movement: An acronym that stands for Breaking Our Sisters Silence for women whose been told to shut up and stay quiet about their pains and trials and tribulations. This monthly event is an organic sisterhood that poured and supported and loved on each other CONSISTENTLY. Not just at these healing sessions. Another monthly event Is Mending Our Men. A brotherhood circle I love on with all my heart. This event was created to empower Men, Black Men especially by loving on them through hugs and words, allowing them to speak on whatever that’s in their hearts and mind and to give them insight on life challenges.

These events been going on for a while, Mending Our Men is fairly new but the outcome has been worth it. During all of this, I’ve obtained my life coaching certification. My aim is to connect with every conversation reflecting the light we all have. This is where my name Dianaslighthouse comes in. We face dark moment to appreciate the light. There’s a balance between light and dark. My long-term go is to create safe spaces across the USA for people to pour, connect, love and heal through raw conversations.

Alright, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?
No, it’s never a smooth road when you’ve faced many cracks in life. The most challenging thing I had to face was getting ppl to come out and TRUST me with their vulnerability. Fear consumes pain and when healing is involved, you won’t get a crowd of hands wanting to talk about their “Stuff”. Another struggle was to be ok with knowing not everyone is for your vision.

Thanks – so what else should our readers know about your work and what you’re currently focused on?
I’m many hats unapologetically. I’m a mom of 2, a life (light) coach, a host of 2 healing events, a spoken word artist, a dance instructor and an author. I specialize in mental health. Teaching black men and women ways to heal out loud – to use what you been through as fuel to heal through. I’m known for my Rawness. I am unfiltered when I speak and that real authentic conversation is what connects me with the community.

We’d love to hear about any fond memories you have from when you were growing up?
Getting alone time with my mom. We will walk around different neighborhoods and find hidden fruits in trees and taste it, lol.

I didn’t have much of that with her. But when I did- I made sure to remember every last one.


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