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Today we’d like to introduce you to Adriana Adler.

Hi Adriana, thanks for joining us today. We’d love for you to start by introducing yourself.
I was born and raised in Southern California. I’ve lived in Simi Valley since I was seven. I started doing theater when I was in 7th grade when my friend Brooke asked if I wanted to join the drama club with her. In high school, I did the school plays my sophomore though senior years and was drama club president my senior year. Although I loved theater and acting, at that time I just looked at it as a fun hobby. I was a nerd in high school and was in all on the AP science and math classes, so academic classes were always my main focus. I went to the California Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks for college. I chose Math as my major since that was always my best subject. I didn’t really know what I wanted to do but felt that I couldn’t choose an artsy major because that was a “waste of time.” Since I had so many credits going into college from my AP classes, I was able to add a second major. I first started with art since my mom is an artist and I love to draw.

Shortly after, I realized there was no way I could do math, art, and theater, so I switched my second major to Theater in my second semester of my sophomore year. I ended up graduated with a BA in Mathematics and a BA in Theater. While I was giving my final math presentation my senior year, I came to the realization that I didn’t want to do Math the rest of my life and that acting was my true passion. I wish that weren’t the case since Math is the more financially stable option, but here we are! Unfortunately in college, I learned nothing about the business side of acting and actually pursuing a career. So since graduating, I’ve been trying to learn and navigate the business on my own. I’ve taken countless acting classes and a few business and marketing classes to try to make my way through the business. Thankfully I’ve made a lot of great actor friends along the way and we help each other out in any way we can. I currently tutor math for my main source of income, so I’m actually using both of my majors! I hope to one day not have to tutor and be able to make a career solely out of acting, but I’m thankful for any small part or commercial I get.

Would you say it’s been a smooth road, and if not what are some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced along the way?
This has definitely not been a smooth road. I feel like acting is a weird locked door that everyone says they have the key to, but they’ve hidden the key or refuse to give you the key. Or you finally get the key, and it doesn’t fit into the lock you have. Unfortunately there is no clear and cut path to becoming an actor. It’s not like becoming an accountant where you go to college, get a degree, get an internship, and then finally get hired. Every successful actor has a completely different story of how they made it and it is usually based around dumb luck or knowing the right person. I’ve always heard, “You have to know someone!” Which was always super frustrating because I don’t know anyone! I’ve tried countless things that other actors and business classes for acting suggest, but most have lead to a dead end. I’ve done workshops, classes with specific casting directors, drop offs, postcards, emails, showcases, and most have lead to nothing except some life experience. I have met a few great friends through acting classes, and that has probably been the best thing to come from all of it. I definitely go through periods of time where I get depressed about my acting situation and want to give up, but thankfully my amazing acting friends have been there to encourage and motivate me through the lows. And I have in turn been able to return the favor to them here and there. My favorite part of acting is getting to know the amazing other people out there on the same crazy path I’ve chosen. No one else can truly understand your struggle like a fellow actor. My friends try to understand and help, but it usually just ends with a hurtful comment like “so what’s your plan B?” Or “so how long are you going to give acting a try before you do more of a career job?”

As you know, we’re big fans of you and your work. For our readers who might not be as familiar what can you tell them about what you do?
I have trained mostly in the Meisner Technique. I completed the two-year program with Markus Flanagan and went on to take his master class for four more years. It was great learning from a teacher who is a working actor and who trained directly with Sanford Meisner. As for as what I like to play, I personally love comedy. I do love dramatic roles too, but I feel like I have naturally good comedic timing and I love to joke around in life in general. I can usually always find the humor in a situation. Currently, I’m collaborating with a couple of actor friends to get a web series started. My friends Natasha, Kaye, and I have been working hard to get things going. We’ve filmed a couple of skits so far and are hoping to do more. Natasha and I recently moved so we’ve been trying hard to not let life get in the way of our dreams. I love these two and the three of us have a great dynamic together. I have some of the most fun goofing around with these two on film and getting genuine funny material out of it. I can’t wait to do more with them and get our YouTube channel going! I think one thing that sets me apart from other actors is that I do have my math background and have that left brain working along with my right. It helps me make more logical decisions with the business side of acting and also to realize auditioning is a numbers game. Don’t get me wrong, I have my down days where I feel like no casting directors like me, but then I realize how many people submit for one project and a lot of times you don’t get picked based on something completely out of your control like the color of your eyes. I’m also an artist, so I think drawing and painting has been good for my acting. I think it’s important for actors to have other creative outlets and I’m grateful I’ve been blessed with the ability to draw so that I can do that when I’m feeling creatively stagnant in acting.

If we knew you growing up, how would we have described you?
Growing up, I always loved to draw. I’ve been drawing for as long as I can remember, mostly cats since they are my favorite animal. My grandma still has a few cat drawings I did for her when I was three years old. I also loved playing pretend when I was little, whether it was with barbies, stuffed animals, or just playing house in my backyard. I’ve always loved sports and was a generally athletic kid. I played soccer from 2nd through 8th grade and I still love the sport. I was always riding my bike or playing tag or playing outside in general growing up. My house growing up had a pool so I spent most of my summers swimming and playing pool games. I have always been an animal lover and got my first cat Pepsi at eight. I used to dress up that poor cat in doll clothes and play with her. She was a very patient and sweet kitty. I have always been a social butterfly. I always loved meeting and making new friends. I was a pretty nice and kind kid, always making sure others were included and having a good time. I’ve always had a soft spot for animals and treat my own like members of the family.

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