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Check Out Lauren D’Alvia’s Story

Today we’d like to introduce you to Lauren D’Alvia.

Hi Lauren, thanks for sharing your story with us. To start, maybe you can tell our readers some of your backstory.
I am an artist and very old soul – ancient fire (Sagittarius) before the oceans, before Atlantis. Native New Yorker. A poet and performer since birth, I spent my early years studying the cosmos and the human condition and making art and watching films. Seeing patterns and magic everywhere, it was during this time I uncovered and cultivated what I call “the Golden Thread.” This Golden Thread refers to the plane that runs through everything – the Divine – or Universal Light (or anything you want to call it.) I found that it romanced me through art first (and yet still)… (for example, I found a love supreme in Bob Dylan and , I read the poets he read and found Dylan Thomas a deep six influence on Richard Burton, another hero of mine  and the circle continues…. all is connected – this connection is Divine and reminds me who I am – through what I love – what lives in my Soul.) And in that dance presto the Soul’s mission is revealed 💥.) It gets bigger and smaller and more intricate and glorious in the same breath. It was also in childhood that the number Eleven found me. I saw the numbers 11:11 everyday on the digital clock without fail. A message of mission and of infinity to this day.

In the patterns and in this Golden Thread I was romanced and begged to remain faithful to what I truly loved: Art and Spiritual Teaching. Many moons later, one crazy year of tumult and heartbreak on repeat caused me to seek the wisdom of astrology with earnestness and gravity. I manifested several mentors who trained me to read constantly about ancient science and to watch patterns unfold in my life and the lives of others. I came to understand that reasons why I was getting “hit” so hard by the Universe had names – the confluence of my natal chart placements and how the planets were affecting Earth among them. It made me feel not crazy, it gave me kinetic hope and a deep feeling of security within what felt like massive chaos, knowing that all things must pass as everything is moving. Understanding astrology and other ancient modalities quite simply helped me know myself, others and the world. The beginning of Vision, Action, Truth, Change, opening the Doors of Perception.

Several spiritual awakenings later, more hardship, more wonder, more tragedy and more magic, I obeyed my Soul and moved to Santa Monica by-the-sea. This was the place where my Soul desired residency; that it was where I would tap into this vortex of energy and divinity and rock and roll and jazz and grace and words and the movies and manifest destiny and digital clocks and Reunion (!) and magic numbers that I’d been calling home forever. ELEVEN ELEVEN. And so illuminating Astrology and guidance in Vision Work became a thing. I stepped into myself and my career:  became the multi-disciplinary artist and healer that my Soul always knew I was destined to be. I got everything back that I thought I lost. I was in my authenticity, I found my way to my ruby red inner sanctum. I started guiding others professionally after doing it in my personal life for years. I had to go through the change in order to truly take the reigns and let my Soul be my Soul.

We all face challenges, but looking back would you describe it as a relatively smooth road?
We all face challenges, but looking back would you describe it as a relatively smooth road?

Absolutely not a smooth road. But my life is the work and I am deeply grateful for the strangeness and the pain. We all get a healthy dose of pain. I struggled with addiction when I was younger. I confused being an old soul and artist with being an addict for a long time. Then I got it. Grace found me. Sober life has been full of magic and reality and never dull. Everything changed and I found my Soul again.  The work does not end. I struggled with under-being for years, hiding from myself and afraid of my true nature; artist, spiritual teacher, woman of the sun. I learned  to go where I was bleeding, peel the onion layer by layer. And in so doing, I was able to reparent myself, truly heal from core beliefs of unworthiness (that were completely antithetical to what everyone else saw in me and what I knew to be my true nature) – I stopped hiding. I cleaned the detritus that was hiding in my organs. I identified the script/programming that was running in the engine of my machine and I worked on ejecting it and replacing it with an abundant person. The game changed. More learning came with the deaths of my mother then my two other mother figures in close succession. Nobody tells you the massive gifts that come from loss like that. Devastating and also perfect. I got the skeleton keys to my Soul and I felt a new freedom – and I learned devotion’s true pulse at the same time. I went from Page to Queen. From young woman to WOMAN. I came to LA and created my business.

Thanks – so what else should our readers know about your work and what you’re currently focused on?
I am a multi-disciplinary artist and spiritual teacher. Creatrix / healer using alchemy to connect Souls to themselves, the collective and the Higher with words, motion picture, image, rhythm & ardor. I am all about the Soul. I use the lenses of astrology and other modalities of ancient wisdom to teach and bring people back to their Soul and their purpose. I love and teach astrology/ancient science/wisdom because it is: know yourself, forgive yourself, know others, forgive others, know the world, forgive the world, understand the world. Then we go beyond to the place behind all of that: the Soul and the true mission on this planet for you. I work with students individually and lead corporate events offering: soul mission readings, astrology, vision work, spiritual teaching, numerology, art and Age of Aquarius meditation experiences. We get to the real real. What is true and what is eternal. What do you love. What needs to be cleaned out. What is the gorgeousness of your desire, your artist, your shame, what is that juiciness that will set you free.  I’m kind of part Rain Man part shaman part rocknroll Gemini rising when I teach; where punk rock and the mystic converge. I’m someone who talks about Garfield and Proust in the same sentence. I share vulnerably when I teach because connection is the key is the balm is the igniter and the safety. The work and guidance all point to the following:  you and your essence are the keys to all. You get to be exactly who you are. We make magic and we co-create the life you desire. Alchemy. The Golden Thread. Eleven Eleven.

What matters most to you?
The Divine – the knowing inside me – my Soul. The quieter voice, the one that is always safe, can never not be safe, has always been safe. The one calling me on. The one who can access truth and bliss because she/it says so. The true plane that runs through everything. That is the call I try to heed first. Real love matters. The only thing that is truly real, the reason we are here. Music. Words. Magic. Mystery. Kindness. Reality. The Sun. ONENESS. I am here to bring light – to penetrate the mysteries of the cosmos – to share how I live in the 5D world and the 3D world. Art matters. Music matters. Language matters. Poetry matters.The darkness matters too because there I find so much treasure too and a glorious map. Awakening matters. The reason we came here matters. The beauty and struggle and grace of being human matters. LOVE IS REAL REAL IS LOVE.


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