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Today we’d like to introduce you to Lance White II.

Lance, we’d love to hear your story and how you got to where you are today both personally and as an artist.
I think it’s interesting to tell a story at this point in my life because I still feel like I’ve reached a new beginning in my career. But I’m from the Inland Empire, more specifically Fontana, California. As a kid growing up, I always had an active imagination and a passion for creativity. I loved music. My parents always would play oldies, jazz, and R&B around me so that became the foundation for my interpretation of life around me. I was a very emotional child growing up and I was really shy and isolated myself from my family. I felt like I never really had a voice, but that’s what drew me to writing. Writing allowed me to be who I am without fear of being judged or criticized for my character. I wrote stories. I wrote poems, I loved just exploring the thoughts in my head and bringing them to life. I remember it was around the 7th grade, where I actually started to write lyrics, but I was just playing around cause I thought I could never be a “rapper.” It wasn’t until a year later that I made a conscious decision to dedicate my life to music and believed I could possibly do it. Throughout high school, I spent more time writing down lyrics, from journal to journal, trying to develop content that was genuine for somebody coming from my area. It wouldn’t be till my junior year that I actually stepped into a studio and started recording my music. I hated it. The sound of my voice drove me crazy and I was really insecure about it for a while. Near the end of my senior year, the homie Riel Peters said, “Aye we’re going do a project together and put it out by the end of the year.” He was very adamant about me dropping something before we left high school and that was really the beginning of me as a recording artist. This was the summer of 2013 and I went and dropped a mixtape later in the fall and it absolutely sucked. It was really depressing and like a diary full of all the emotions I had been going through since I was in a very toxic relationship at the time. After leaving that situation, I realized I had no idea of who I was, along with understanding I really didn’t love myself. That began my journey of self-discovery and a multitude of experiences that opened my eyes to how the world works. In 2015 I released an EP called “Life As We Know” and in 2016, I dropped a mixtape called “5009.” These two projects allowed me to start creating a buzz within my city as well as working with an artist and one of my closest friends MillsWasChosen. Mills has a lot to do with my work ethic, he used to call me at like 7 or 8 AM morning just so I could make it to the studio and have me working all day on different songs. I’m forever grateful for that and since we’d always be working, we ended up dropping two projects together. So fast forward to 2017 and I drop another mixtape called “Muralz of my Amnesic Soul” or MOMAS for short. I thought that MOMAS was going to be the tape to the change my whole life. I had been working on that mixtape for about four years so I thought all the work was going to pay and I was going to break through and be a successful artist, but God had different plans for me. A lot happened in 2017 and I was broken down to my core from the things I had witnessed and lived through. I didn’t know who I was at that point in time. Where I was once so confident about “knowing” who I was when I looked in the mirror, I was insecure and naked from being exposed to all of my flaws and weaknesses. Understanding to embrace those truths inspired me to take time to really learn myself. I stumbled many times that year and fell even further down in 2018, but one thing I never did do was quit or give up. Thanks to God and my amazing support system I was able to overcome a lot of my own insecurities, ego, and put out one of my strongest projects this year called “Stronger Than Diamond.”

We’d love to hear more about your art. What do you do and why and what do you hope others will take away from your work?
My artistic talents kind of stretch all over the place. I mainly make music, but I also am an avid writer. In everything that I do artistically, it’s to achieve a new level of freedom. For me, being creative is the ultimate form of liberation because it allows me to explore, understand, and create a new meaning of not only myself but the world around me. With that being said, my whole goal is to inspire that same feeling and thought process within anyone who comes across my work. When people listen to my music or read my writings, I want them to be exposed to the ideas of vulnerability, freedom, human truths, and revelation. I truly wish for everyone to reconnect with their innocence as a human being so that they can discover their pure self and stay true to it.

What do you think it takes to be successful as an artist?
Success to me is based upon your impact, like what at the end of the day, what is your legacy going to be? Are you in this just for yourself or do you possess the vision to use your God-given talents to help make a difference in people’s lives? For me personally, I don’t just work to put myself in a stronger position, I want to see all of my family, friends and loved ones in a comfortable position so that they can actually live life without being tied down by the everyday struggle. I think the most important quality to have as an artist is faith. Faith in yourself, your path, the people around you and to have faith that everything is going to unfold the way it needs to. Trust in your intuition and never second your moves. Doubtful thoughts may occur and this is natural, especially when you’re striving for greatness, but remember that any challenge that comes to your front door is to build you up, never to tear you down.

Do you have any events or exhibitions coming up? Where would one go to see more of your work? How can people support you and your artwork?
My work can be found on all streaming platforms. All you have to do is type in L.A.N.C.E. and I should pop up. Or to make it even easier to search “Stronger Than Diamond” on all platforms. That directly takes you to the latest project and every stream and download supports me. Also, check out which is my brand’s website and people can find merchandise as well as explore content that can’t be found anywhere else!

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