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Check out the Borch at Doma Kitchen in Marina Del Rey

Today we’d like to introduce you to Marina Del Rey’s Doma Kitchen.

What’s the Doma Kitchen story? The who/what/when/where/why?
Doma Kitchen offers a Globaly inspired cuisine with an emphasis on European and Central Asian techniques. Owners Angie Corrente and Stan Mayzalis and Chef Kristina Miksyte have taken inspiration from our many world travels and created a menu that reflects the exciting cuisine found in regions throughout the many regions. All dishes are prepared from scratch and are seasoned to perfection with housemaid spices, placing the highest importance on farmer market fresh, seasonal and quality ingredients. With our design background, we have created an environment unlike any other in the area.

In speaking with any restaurateurs I’ve come to learn that the restaurant business can be brutal. How has it been for you? What’s been the hardest part?
No, it wasn’t easy for us to get where we are now. We’ve relocated three times in the last 5 years. We started in Redondo Beach in a tiny cottage with only outdoor seating and no parking. We served breakfast and lunch only. After 2 1/2years we grew out of the space and relocated to Manhattan Beach. At the new location we started to offer dinner as well as the full service. The demand grew for made from scratch unique plates which were paired with exclusive wines. After only one year the space we were in when under construction and we had to relocate again, now to Marina Del Rey. Since it was the same landlord the move was very quick. However, our South Bay costumer base was shaken by our move north and feared we were going to lose them.
Quickly in the new area and space our new and old costumers found us and humble us with their devotion and support. We are blessed.

What we love about independent, non-chain restaurants is that the independents bring new ideas forward. What’s interesting or unique about Doma Kitchen
Doma Kitchen is unique through and through. From unique recipes, beautiful plating to art gallery ambiance home like friendly service. A true one of kind experience from the minute you step inside.
All the dishes are healthy and well balanced, most recipes came from either family heirlooms or creative fusion.
Besides our seasonal menu we offer weekly and holiday specials.
Doma kitchen supports the local talent like musicians and artists.Twice a month we invite live bands to play. From Tango to Latin jazz our costumers enjoy live music with dinner.
Also, every 6 weeks we rotate local artist work. Our space transforms every few weeks. Through food, art and music we share our experiences and cultures.

Most Popular Items


Beets, cabbage and lamb soup served with dark seeded Bavarian bread and sour cream
Dietary: Gluten-free

Chicken Kiev

Panic crusted chicken breast with herb butter filling served with a side of pearl cuscus and sautéed brokolini

Chicken and Waffles

Homemade belgian Waffles served with Panko crusted chicken breast and two fried eggs

Parking Advice:
Parking lot in the center

Happy Hour:

Average Entre Cost:$23

Address: 4325 Glencoe ave. C8
Marina Del Rey, CA 90292

Phone:310 301-0582


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