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Carson’s Top Braidologist – Erica Mc Intosh

Two weeks ago, Sandra, the receptionist in our office had a hot date and needed to get her hair and makeup done, but she also wanted to buy a new dress – so she made the rounds asking some of us what we thought she should do: buy the new dress or get her hair and makeup done?  The suggestions were pretty creative – from renting a dress on Rent the Runway to using youtube tutorials and doing hair and makeup at home (shout out to our girl, youtube sensation Michelle Phan).

Then someone mentioned how hard it is to find good, affordable hair and makeup professionals online.  At first we thought maybe we just hadn’t discovered a good source yet, but after spending the entire afternoon looking for quality, affordable beauty professionals we gave up.  The next morning we assembled in the conference room and started mapping out a strategy to create the best beauty professional guide Los Angeles has ever seen.  First we had to decide on the evaluation criteria, then we had to develop a semi-scientific method of finding and ranking the professionals. As a team we decided on a multi-factor approach that gave the most weight to the following factors: quality of work, reputation, affordability.   After researching thousands of beauty professionals from all over the city and spending scores of hours debating the merits of various professionals we’ve built a list of the best options in LA.  We will introduce many of these talented professionals to you over the next few months.

Today we’d like to introduce you to Erica Mc Intosh.

Erica has over 8 years of experience in hairstyling and offers some of the most affordable pricing in all of LA.  She specializes in braids and her most popular option is the box individual braids.  She is located in Carson, but has clients from all over town that love her commitment to helping bring out the beauty in all of clients.


  • Cornrows (straight back no designs natural hair) starting at $35
  • French braids with designs (natural hair) starting at $45
  • French braids with added hair (no design straight) starting at $45
  • French braids w/ added hair (design) starting at $60
  • Individual Braids (small/medium/large) $85

Contact Info:

  • Phone: 562-481-5041

We love Jaime because she is full of ambition.  She is working hard towards the goal of owning her own beauty and hobbies business. #bosslady

Check out her work below:

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