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ART West LA 06.04.2018

Nicole Gil

I grew up loving dance as a kid, but my parents had a strong bias toward academic and professional career pursuits over the Arts. My parents denied my request to attend a Performing Arts High School, so I focused my energy on academics. Read more>>

Carlos Grasso

Over the last 25 years, not only I transitioned from music to making art full time, I also shifted from representational works to abstraction, mixed media and installations. Read more>>


I’ve been a television director for over 35 years. I co-own Planet Grande Pictures in Malibu, and we specialize in making documentaries. Our films have won 7 Emmys over the years among various other industry honors. Read more>>

Tyler Chase

If you ask my friends to describe me, they would probably say that I’m obsessed with my French Bulldog, donuts, and pineapples! They might also say that I’m caring, laid back, and goofy. but not before Frenchies and donuts. Read more>>

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