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ART West LA 05.28.2018

Christina Winsor

My story as an artist is a bit of a recent and welcomed explosion that has blown open doors I never thought I could open. Creativity has always been something I’ve felt most at home with. Read more>>

Karen Hong

I got to work with talented, humble people on a lot of cool commercial projects like Google, T-Mobile, Twitter, etc. From that experience, I learned to push myself in illustration and character design in my personal work. Read more>>

Scott Bixler

Despite being diagnosed with Autism and having to go through special education classed all throughout school, I wanted to show everyone that I could do anything so, that’s what I did. Read more>>

Emily Xie

Growing up in two different cultures was very challenging and confusing. I was taught to have traditional eastern values which honor society over the individual while at the same time being exposed to Western values. Read more>>

crystal sussman

I was fortunate to have a mother who painted and encouraged me to take art lessons when I was eight years old. I also danced from the age of three. So , involvement in many forms of artistic expression were highly encouraged. Read more>>

Bonita Helmer

Spending time in Paris definitely gave me the foundation that I needed to become an international artist. I studied dance and acting as a child and performed in many local theatres. Read more>>

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