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ART West LA 05.21.2018

Allyson Magda

For 14 years I was a serious student of classical piano, I truly believe it gave me the discipline to be where I am today. Eventually I earned my degree in Fine Art and Art History from UC Santa Cruz. Read more>>

Kanel Suos

Sounds cliche but it’s best to follow Nike’s advice, “Just Do It.” I say if you have any remote interest in something, just do it. That’s what I’ve done and am trying to do. Read more>>

Phil Guthrie

My passion is now telling stories as creatively we can to help smaller businesses grow and explore their own potential by creating videos that show the world in 90 seconds what they are and what they can do. It is very rewarding. Read more>>

Sean Loose

I decided to take a few graphic design classes in my junior year. I fell in love with design, and wanted to find a way to marry it with an illustrative career. Read more>>

Sali Swalla

My full time painting practice began after years as a small business owner. I followed the dream of opening a little coffee shop and ran two of them before the need for the meditative quiet of a regular studio practice demanded to be heard. Read more>>

Lauren Adams Thomas

I was a not-so-inspired art student until I ended up meeting the artist Peter Bodnar in a drawing class. Peter really liked my work (a first for me) and encouraged me to pursue painting. Read more>>

Chloe Majdipour

Social media was my biggest tool as an artist trying to expand my work beyond the four corners of my room where I did my own makeup. Knowing how to use this tool to your advantage is the key to growth. I let go of any fear that was holding me back. Read more>>

Eris Sharon

Art isn’t something I do; It’s an identity. I’m not sure when I began as an artist. I think it’s a lot like sexual orientation; you identify with it early on, but it continues to shift and change throughout your life. Read more>>

Adrian Rudd

Growing up I was very artistic whether I was drawing, painting, writing or singing. That creativity manifested into photography when I got my first camera my senior year of high school. Read more>>

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