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ART West LA 05.14.2018

Richard Policastro

I have always been interested in photography because my father is a wedding photographer. I guess you can say its in my blood. I moved out to LA a decade ago with a hand-me-down camera from my dad. I started off by shooting anything and anyone who would let me. Read more>>

Gil Marom

One thing that hasn’t changed about me since I was a little kid is my continuous love for anything and everything creative. Besides taking photos of my family and friends, I have been a dancer for over 15 years and dipped my feet in both singing and acting. Read more>>

Tanya Parada

Photography for me began when my second-grade teacher gave everyone in the class a disposable camera. In all my eagerness, I filled up the whole roll of film before I even got home from school that day. Read more>>

David Fisch

I just so happened to have been born into a family whose ultimate desires are to be fully invested in culture, so I was exposed to art and film and music and travel and photography and language at an early age. Read more>>

Heather Ireland

I started painting very young thanks to the kindness of my mother who didn’t mind murals popping up around her home in Torrance, CA. I would read artbooks, challenge my skills and went on to study Set Designs… Read more>>

Tom Sless

When reflecting on my story of how I came to be a singer-songwriter based in LA, I realized my path thus far closely mirrors steps I have taken before when I have been writing a song. Read more>>

Little Galaxies

We played in that band together for about 6 months before starting Little Galaxies. At the time, we had no idea what we were going to create, but once we got in the room, we vibed immediately and the songs just flowed out over Amir’s atmospheric soundscapes. Read more>>

Elizabeth Orleans

I created a site specific installation of thousands of ceramic elements at the MOCA in Santa Rosa, CA and was awarded a grant from Bank of America to create the work. Read more>>

Katee Grace

I have always been in love with documenting a person, a personality, telling stories of individuals, families, and just stories in general so my business has been largely focused as a lifestyle photography brand working with families and lifestyle brands on memories and strong visual imagery. Read more>>

Bridget Howard

Painting has always been the artist’s sanctuary to channel her relationship to her humanity as she stretches the boundaries of each medium. The art is not restricted to the canvas as the pieces often spill over the edges or have elements that are built into the canvas… Read more>>

Tanya Ragir

I worked with clay as a child, and as a teen I discovered the lost wax process and started casting jewelry. All of the pieces I made were figurative. I made a pair of wedding rings for my parents with figures on them that created an infinity symbol that they wore for years. Read more>>

Karen Keilani Stormi Jacobson

Learned to Surf before I could stand on my own. My Dad once said “You can’t be a Professional Surfer forever. Go and do what you’re best at, in a Business way.”And so I did. I created by Vision, my Dream, my Design. Read more>>

George Sifuentes

I would say film and music are ground zero for my story, even as a child sound and picture would resonate in my mind first, to this day it remains that way. The art of storytelling intrigued me the most and for years… Read more>>

Sarah Stobart

Art and creating art has always been a deep stirring in my soul, but for the last decade I’ve spent most of my time telling myself that pursuing my art would take too much of my time away from my kids. So i released my creative energy in other ways. Read more>>

Chelsea Blecha

I’ve always been a creative, drawing or writing stories from the moment I first held the pencil that my mom, also an artist, put in my hand. I remember as a child having so many stories spilling out of my head that I didn’t know exactly how to express them…. Read more>>

Julia Schwartz

In childhood, my first language was art and first identity was as a maker of art, but my studies after high school were everything BUT art- science, dance, acting, and then medicine. I had another career (as a psychoanalyst) for many years before I came back to painting. Read more>>

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