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Art West LA 03.26.2018

Caroline Carter

I initially discovered photography in 7th grade. My school had all the 7th graders in a quarter rotation: photography, ceramics, woodshop, and painting. I distinctly remember speeding through my work in ceramics class so I could leave early and go into the dark room. Read more>>

Dallin Moe

I have been doing art since I could pick up a crayon. Art has always been a large part of who I am. I now strive to make a career out of it and am in the process of getting my BFA. I am continually searching for ways to best represent the importance of the individual in my artwork. I hope to emphasize the unique, often emotional, experiences each person has. Read more>>

Anna Sargsyan

I grew up in Yerevan, Armenia and currently live in Los Angeles, California with my supportive husband and 2 boys.  To improve my photography skills. I have started to take photography classes at a Glendale Community College with successful professionals, where I do Visual Art, Photography as an AS degree, and this Spring I will graduate from. I am passionate with what I do and I cannot think of any other job that would bring me so much enjoyment and personal satisfaction. Read more>>

Brooke Thayer

Born in the US. Raised in Canada. Since I could grasp a pencil, I’ve been creating. Looking to the world around me for inspiration, magic, and of course answers. A lifelong worshiper of nature, and a true believer in the energy which makes all “visible” magic possible, I’ve begun studying The Golden Ratio and how it beautifully shapes our world. Read more>>

Thomas W. Schaller

When I was about seven years old, I marched into the kitchen of our rural Ohio farmhouse and announced to my parents that when I grew up I would not be raising chickens and cows, or planting wheat and corn. No. I would be moving to New York City to become an artist. Read more>>

Aline Smithson

I grew up in Silverlake, always with a pencil or paintbrush in hand. I attended art school and fell in love with oil painting and after graduation, moved to New York City to be the next Diebenkorn. But life took me in a different direction and I found myself working in fashion. Read more>>

Bryan Zanisnik

My first body of work was a series of home movies I made with my grandmother when I was only thirteen years old. I would dress her up in a World War II uniform and ask her to crawl across the basement floor shooting toy guns. I rediscovered the videos as an adult in my mid-twenties, and thought they were still incredibly relevant, dealing with issues of war, immigration, and violence. Read more>>

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