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ART The Valley 06.04.2018

Stephanie Gill

I have always loved all things creative and I am a visual person. I usually had a camera with me as a kid and then young adult, it was the norm for me and I didn’t think much of it. Read more>>

Licki, Lauren Neal

Licki lay dormant for scattered bits of time from 2013 until the present; I fell in love and got married, my acting career showed promise… but I also had to testify as the primary witness in a trial and was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Read more>>

Savannah Hayes

Growing up, I was heavily inspired by my mother. She was a professional photographer when I was around the age of 12. I was fascinated with her whole process of the skill. Read more>>

Mike Walburn

My adventure of becoming a portrait photographer has an underlining theme of failed moments. So let’s trap in and get this Delorean to hit 88 miles per hour. Destination 2007. That is the year I think my journey began. Read more>>

Katie Ekin

I have loved music. It was easy because I grew up watching my dad play guitar and sing in a band. As much as I loved music, I was pretty shy growing up so I joined my junior high choir to grow more confident in performing. Read more>>

Magenta Harley

I felt quite uncomfortable in my skin. I was smart, good at sports, pretty, yet extremely insecure and terrified of most human beings so having somewhere to hide and to have music as a safe space to land was and still is one of the great loves of my life. Read more>>

Lori Antoinette

I started drawing with my Mom at a very early age. I remember doing tag team drawings with her at around 3 or 4 years old. I was always drawing and painting growing up. Read more>>

Karen Doyle

I’ve loved art all my life and still do paint every day. I made a promise to my Myself when I was 11 that I would make my living as an artist and I’ve kept my promise to this day! It was around that time -11 years old that I started taking oil painting lessons from a private teacher in Toluca Lake. Read more>>

Christine Sara

Whether it be preserving amazing moments for my couples and their families at the wedding day or empowering a woman through an intimate portrait story, I absolutely love the fact that I can create art for people who love my work and build amazing relationships along the way. Read more>>

Dillon Eaves

I work in many styles of tattooing ranging from black and grey, neo-traditional, traditional, blackwork, portrait work, pointillism, geometric, abstract and more. Read more>>

Miguel Acevedo

I’ve always been a words and language guy, which probably explains why my 9 to 5 is Spanish/English interpreter in the L.A. area. Photography has been a hobby since college in the late 80s. Read more>>

Ibuki Kuramochi

When I was a young child, I loved most flowers. However, I was afraid of pansies . I felt that the pansy’s black color looked like a human face, and that if I touched it the black color would stain my hand like ink. Read more>>

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