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ART The Valley 05.28.2018

Sonia Price

My passion for photography started as soon as I knew i was pregnant. I wanted to give my kiddos beautiful memories of their childhood and photography is the perfect way to relive those beautiful memories, for their rest of their lives. Read more>>

Jasai Madden

I am a teacher of mindfulness, a practice I came to because I desperately need “something” for my life (and my nervous system). Early on it it came in the form of silence, stillness and fasting. Read more>>

William Orantes

Biracial child, adopted to a single white mother who was heavily involved it the civil rights movement, with two adopted biracial siblings, a sister and brother. I looked “whiter” than most mixed kids; so I struggled a lot with identity and not knowing who or what I was. Read more>>

Jane Monteith

I’ve always been creative since I can remember. I love colour and started working with screening inks over a decade ago painting on vinyl substrate. I came across alcohol inks several years ago and made the transition to working solely with this now trending medium. because of it’s vibrancy. Read more>>

Jemma Wildermuth

My favorite part of being an artist is creating opportunities for others to enjoy themselves. Looking back over a long line of endeavors I always go back to that point. CReATE STUDIO has ben by biggest branching into creating those opportunities… Read more>>

Cesar De La Cruz

Growing up, my mom really instilled creativity in me. I remember her paying me a couple of bucks to write some stories as a kid. That turned into me just writing for fun or for my sake. Read more>>

Clone Hero

The funny thing about the three of us is that we knew each other for years before starting the band. We all worked at the same company but didn’t really acknowledge the fact that we were musicians. Read more>>

Lauren Quirk

I found that my real passion was portraiture. Since a lot of my friends are actors and models, it was easy to start with them. I quickly learned that taking headshots was not my favorite. I love the more editorial nature of lifestyle photography. Read more>>

Linda Woods

I grew up in a family of writers and writing books is pretty much the family business! But I knew from an early age that I preferred to tell stories with art. So I became an artist who then wrote books about self-expression. Read more>>

Nancy Eckels

My parents met in an oil painting class. My aunts and uncles on my mother’s side were artists. My sister is an artist. So what did I do? I went into television production for 25 years and dabbled a bit at art. Read more>>

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