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ART The Valley 05.21.2018

Nina Welch

I have loved photography ever since I was a little girl. You would alway see me with a camera. My photography started with clouds. Read more>>

Josh Premako

Photography really is in my blood. My grandfather spent his career running the go-to portrait studio in a small city in New Jersey. I can vividly recall spending afternoons walking the creaky wooden floors of his ancient studio… Read more>>

Laura Letchinger

I began drawing regularly again while waiting in school carpool lines, which led to portable watercolors, and then to painting. So I’m a self-taught artist, having started painting about five years ago. Read more>>

Ozan Karakoc

I started designing things as a kid, and got my first commercial design project when I was 16. It ‘officially’ started that year, and since then, I’ve been designing with an evergrowing dedication and fun. Read more>>

Kate Barbee

I have managed to make and sell both art and painted clothing to help pay some bills here. My clothing line is called CrustLA but it’s in a metamorphoses state right now and may soon be changed! Read more>>

Madie Ramser

I’ve been surrounded by music and photography my entire life, my stepdad is a camera operator, so it only seems fitting that I would throw myself into the middle of both. Read more>>

Ryan Thomas

I started like most people with an interest in film and went to film school. I attended the San Francisco School of Digital Film-making where I was able to try a number of the different crafts before deciding I wanted to be a Director of Photography. Read more>>

Esther Barr

I was passionate about animation. I had moved here from the east coast to finish my BFA at Cal Arts in the Experimental Animation program. I was fortunate to graduate, join the Animation Guild and make a good living as an artist. Read more>>

Jennifer Turnbull

I began teaching art at a public high school in 2006 and then went on to earn a Master of Arts degree in Education from the University of La Verne in 2008. As a teacher, I am compassionate and dedicated to my students and what they are learning. Read more>>

Marcy Ferro

I love art. I love creating art, I love experiencing art, and I love admiring art. And I do mean art of any kind… Read more>>

Kate Adkins

I’ve been creating things as long as I can remember. I’ve been into everything from painting to writing to sculpture to short films to miscellaneous crafts. Read more>>

Karen Payton

I am an artist who loves to stitch. I am deeply influenced by the beauty of hippies and the need for our lives to be driven by joy. Read more>>

Kathryn Pitt

The art room in my high school in the UK, was a place of wonder, solace and hard work. A place where life changing discussions and affirmations took place. It was the best place to be a teenager. Read more>>

Cassandra Douglas

I found myself through my artwork. Wether it was shooting photos, playing music, sewing, drawing or painting I had to do something creative to help myself through all the emotional phases of life. Read more>>

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