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ART The Valley 05.14.2018

Crystal Schrader

I began with photography and started creating surreal composites. In the summer of 2017 I discovered fluid acrylics and I just took off with those. The lack of control over the fluid mediums has freed me up as an artist and I feel like I can’t keep up with the ideas I have now. Read more>>

Cass Miller

It’s crazy to think that I didn’t have a choice in loving music. I didn’t search for it. It was built in me. I remember when I was in first grade, I would write songs on my school bus. Read more>>

Brooke Housinger

I started photography right out of high school, about 6 years ago; and I haven’t been able to put my camera down since! I started photographing anybody who would let me. Read more>>

Regina Briggs

You know how, as a child, you have many different aspirations of what you want to be when you grow up? There was a time I wanted to be a marine biologist, a travel writer, and even a high school math teacher. Read more>>

Shaz Taylor

Ok, I’ll try to be as succinct as possible but I make no promises. I was born and raised in Chicago, IL. As far back as I can remember I knew I would pursue a career that would provide opportunity for me to be creative. Read more>>

Jacob Zuko

I’ve struggled a lot since then but somehow I always come back to music; it’s the one thing that feels right even when the rest of my world is going crazy. Read more>>

Lindsay Messina

As a kid, I always knew that I loved music and most of all dance. I used to watch the dancers on TV, learn the choreography, and perform it for my family. I always thought “I could do that.” As I got older, I thought my love for dance would fade. Read more>>

Sarah Stone

The mystery and imaginative possibilities these stories provided became part of my DNA, and began to emerge through my paintings. The ideas I return to again and again, reflecting challenge, growth, transition and change, are the result of this admixture of mythic narratives… Read more>>

Carrie Holmquist

I saved up and bought my first camera in high school. I loved using it for snapshots of friends and my first vacation on my own to Hawaii. My love of photography grew as I learned to capture subjects from different angles and play with varying levels of light. Read more>>

Lorenzo Ferrero

Even tough I was raised in a family of lawyers, my dad has always been a classical music lover, so I’ve been around music since my early years. When I was 13, I decided I wanted to learn to play a wind instrument, so I picked the clarinet and that’s where my journey started. Read more>>

Dick Cherry

When Lee Gren was growing up in Chicago and daydreaming of superheroes and pin-up girls, he never thought he would actually mingle with these mythical creatures in real life, let alone as a career. Read more>>

Geoffrey E. Levitt

I grew up in an Artistic household. My father was a well known animation artist. I have been producing art for over 50 years. Read more>>

The Sound of Ghosts

The Sound of Ghosts formed in memory of the band’s friend Dave Lamb, who passed away too soon from Leukaemia. Lamb headed an acclaimed band ‘Brown Bird’. Read more>>

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