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ART South Bay 06.04.2018

Becci Ravera

Seeing how beautiful every single community and culture can be really taught me that everyone has a unique story. It is up to us as artists to be open enough and pay attention enough that we can creatively tell that story for them. Read more>>

Anthony Caulkins

I lead a somewhat varied life as a musician, as I consider myself a composer, performer, and technologist. I certainly try to remain active in each of these arenas as much as possible. My story is both typical of the LA musician and somewhat unique. Read more>>

Juliane Gulla

I grew up loving both the arts and sciences. In High school I took a photography class as an elective and fell in love with it, but at the time it didn’t occur to me to pursue it as a career, I was already pursuing a career in the medical field, so I let it be. Read more>>

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