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ART South Bay 05.14.2018

Britney McCoy

I have always had a love for taking pictures. I met my husband in 2009, and he introduced me to photography. Some of our fist dates were of him teaching me how to use a camera, and Photoshop. Read more>>

Ellen Cantor

Photography is my third career, the first two being teaching and interior design. The skills I developed during my earlier professions have helped me to express myself through visual imagery. Read more>>

Samantha (Sam) Lin

I started modern calligraphy about two years ago when I was planning for my wedding, since I wanted to DIY some wedding signs and marble coaster place cards for my guests. At first, I tried learning by downloading free practice sheets online, but I became frustrated with my progress. Read more>>

Jacquelin Clemente

Art runs in my family, and after high school, I graduated from The Art Institute of California-Hollywood with a brachelors degree for Graphic Design. During my first job as a full time designer i had this urge to to see the world, especially Europe. Read more>>

Jason Benjamin

I started out with animation at an early age, making GIFs and Flash cartoons in middle school just to share with friends. Soon after that I started playing with Photoshop, which led me to pursue design and photography. Read more>>

Monika O’Deegan

I have always loved documenting my life with photos. But, it wasn’t until I saw my first born that I knew I had to capture this new life with a bit more artistry. I decided to go back to school for photography in 2009 and later studied under world renowned newborn photographers.  Read more>>

Nathan Mott

No matter how many of these I write, I can never bring myself to use the same one twice. Given the fluidity of the human mind, It feels most authentic tell my how’s and why’s and anything that relevantly applies from a standpoint of how I recall my life at this very moment. Read more>>

Julie Schustack

My work and my practice follow a thread of subjects that revolve around function, capability, self-sufficiency or the lack there-of. Read more>>

Julia Bui

I began painting portraits in 2016 at Long Beach City College. My portraits are informed by my full time job as a counselor where I am communicating with and observing people all day long – both their physical form along with their emotional context. Read more>>

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