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ART Pasadena 06.04.2018

Jessica Baker

Art has been a part of me since the day I was born. Now, obviously, I wasn’t painting portraits as a newborn, but once I was old enough to write out my own name, I was drawing cartoons of Disney characters and anything else that made me laugh. Read more>>

Margie Trandem

I feel successful as a photographer and artist when an image I have captured connects with a person on an emotional level. When it inspires or reminds a person of something they care about. Read more>>

Jessica Comingore

Jessica has been tapped by a number of lifestyle outlets for features and partnerships, including Anthology Magazine, Food52, Kinfolk, West Elm, Remodelista, Refinery29, Nordstrom, Madewell, eBay, Gap, and American Express, to name a few. Read more>>

Michael Chukes

Most everyone I knew thought I was crazy with the exception of my family and a few very close friends. To this day until the rest of my life, I will always be an artist! Read more>>

Linda Ternoir

I have always made art, focusing primarily on people. People relating to others. People in various situations. Read more>>

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