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ART Pasadena 05.21.2018

Lisa Agaran

I’ve always had a creative streak. From handmaking dollhouses out of shoe boxes as a kid, to dance, writing, photography, graphic design and painting as an adult. It was as if I was born with an inherent drive towards creating. Read more>>

Nicole Bruckman

Inspired by my relationship with my own canine companions, I began portraying them in my paintings. I strive to present each dog as a unique individual and not just part of a “breed”. Read more>>

Johnny Romero & The Family

Music has been my companion, guide, and salvation through everything, starting when I saw the movie La Bamba and became enamored with Ritchie Valens at the age of 3. I love everything about music: Read more>>

Karen Duckles

The meditative quality of Zen resonated with me and found its way into my work. I have been inspired by this ever since. There is a concept in Zen called “Beginner’s Mind”… Read more>>

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