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ART Pasadena 05.14.2018

Ching Ching Cheng

Having kids changed everything. It is an amazing experience but at the same time, it was the hardest duty as a human being physically and mentally. A new journey began, not only being an artist, but also being a wife and a mother. Read more>>

Elizabeth Preston

My grandfather was a successful interior decorator. The colors and fabrics in his workroom provided a “playroom” of sorts for me as a young girl. My budding artistic efforts were squelched by humiliating classroom criticism from a junior high art teacher. Read more>>

Ian Mark

On the bus back to Boston from NYU for spring break my freshman year, I sat with my laptop open and my phone pinging every few minutes with friends informing me their spring breaks were either already over or not starting for another week. Read more>>

Marilyn Espitia

I discovered that I wanted to pursue photography. I moved to Los Angeles 1 month after graduation, enrolled in an art school and graduated. Now here I am, still doing what I love and being the modern starving artist trying to stand out in a crowd where everyone wants to stand out. Read more>>

Drum & Lace (aka Sofia Hultquist)

As all musicians will probably tell you, I’ve been playing and ‘performing’ for as long as I can remember. This early love of music led me to pursuing music-related activities (in my hometown of Florence, Italy) throughout my early life. Read more>>

Daniel Palacios

Art has always been a part of my life. It all started with comic books when I was in elementary school, My brothers were big comic collectors growing up and their obsession was passed on to me whether I knew it or not. Read more>>

Vanessa Kuns

The first time I ever picked up a camera was in High School, not knowing anything about photography, let alone camera settings, lighting or developing film. Read more>>

Alexandra Pacheco Garcia

I was a photography student at NYU, initially working in traditional modes of photography – landscape, portraiture, performance. My relationship with image making changed pretty drastically during grad school. Read more>>

Chuka Susan Chesney

I started making art when I was a very young child, before I can remember. My sister was my teacher, and my dad provided art supplies. We worked at our formica kitchen table, so we couldn’t make a mess. Read more>>

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