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Art Pasadena 03.26.2018

Iris Jong

I’ve drawn since I was a child, I remember winning a Mother’s Day art competition when I was 5, for an oil pastel scribble of a drawing I made. For a long time, I took art classes recreationally, learning to duplicate masterworks in watercolor, charcoal, and oil, and I’d sketch people and characters for fun. Read more>>

Johnnie Chatman

Raised in the tree-lined suburbs of Claremont, CA I was first introduced to art through the classes of a local abstract painter and eventual mentor, Elizabeth Preston. Over the following years as I proceeded through adolescent education I dabbled in everything from ceramics to graphic design and filmmaking as I maneuvered to find my place in the art world. Read more>>

Hector Aristizabal

I was born in Medellin, Colombia in 1960 and was forced by the political violence to exile in the USA in 1989. While in Colombia I worked as a psychotherapist and as a theater director/actor and was involved in the struggle for human rights. Read more>>

Robert Moya

I came to LA from New Mexico, where I had gone to college. I landed a job teaching art in Pasadena, and settled in Highland Park, and then Eagle Rock. I went back to get my MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute while continuing to teach. I have converted my Eagle Rock garage into an art studio/workshop. Read more>>

Jennifer Pham

I’ve always had a creative side but growing up Asian, my parents always encourage structure and stability. After finishing grad school and working my way up in my career, I found my creative side feeling unfulfilled. I ordered my first calligraphy kit off of Etsy and would play around with it when I got home. Read more>>

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