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ART Orange County 05.21.2018

Christina Hu

I found myself working in the fashion industry, with, ironically, not very many chances to be creative. I missed that feeling when I made things and I needed a creative outlet. Read more>>

Mauricio Abril

I did enjoy drawing as a kid, but as many kids are prone to do, I just never thought that I could actually be an artist. It wasn’t until a few years after finishing my degree after having decided not to go to grad school that I rediscovered my long lost love of art. Read more>>

Tess Israelson

Lived in many different countries and states throughout the US. Traveling is my passion and inspires me to create new work. Read more>>

Angel Delgado

In 1990, Delgado created a performance titled “The hope in the last that is being lost” in the collective exhibition “El Objeto Esculturado” that led to the prison, where he spent 6 months of deprivation of freedom, this experience marked his life and his work. Read more>>

Huma Sulaiman

Being the daughter of a diplomat we also lived in the compounds of the Parliament house in Dhaka, designed by none other than the legendary architect Louis Kahn. This early exposure of living, experiencing and speaking different languages has shaped me as the person… Read more>>

Robin Hiers

I started painted scenes of the lifestyle here – and I’ve never looked back. I have a very illustrative style, that is fun and distinct. Read more>>

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