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Art Orange County 03.26.2018

Genevieve Anders

I never knew I would become a photographer. I had been modeling professionally since the age of seventeen and only saw that as my future. I did have a canon power shot that I loved taking photos of my dogs with and one year received a DSLR as a Christmas gift. Read more>>

Christine Lee Smith

As a little girl I loved crayons and drawing, and I was surrounded by visual artists in my extended family. However, as I grew up and I started to experience both the impact of Dyslexia — and the shame — I felt the limitations of not being able to draw how my family members could. I pulled away from visual art until I found my first camera. Read more>>

E.E. Jacks

My name is E.E. Jacks. I’m a fine artist located in Orange County, California. ‘Art is Life’ is the motto for all of my work which can be found at The style of my work has been described as traditional, and impressionistic. Read more>>

Keana Renee

My life took a turning point to where I no longer saw life the way I once did before. I once had innocent eyes and was sheltered away into just knowing of my town and school. I never enjoyed the idea of being bound to conforming to society’s standards. Read more>>

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