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Art Mid Wilshire 04.10.2018

Cara Feder

I hope people can feel what I felt and connect to it on some level. Art is a great outlet to express yourself, it’s a beautiful form of communication to me. All in all I paint because it’s what I love to do and when I feel the most at peace with myself. Read more>>

Keren Cohen

My work is not just to take picture, it is truly to tell a story that will kept for future generations. The ability to walk thorough so many paths and to touch so many faces and hearts for me is a gift and I can’t be more happy about it. Read more>>

Francis (Frankie) Edward Greco

I hope people can honestly hear that, and see the music when they are looking at one of my paintings, ya know. I guess you should know that I really hope you can climb into my paintings and identify with them as I do…and I also hope that you get a smile while doing it because they are meant to be fun. Read more>>

Gina Zycher

Much of my work is a reflection of my personality. I’ve always felt…not so much like an outcast, but I definitely feel like an oddball a lot of the time. I like to make objects that are slightly askew but charming. Like many artists, I’m deeply inspired by nature and the way that there’s beauty in all of the “imperfection” we see in nature. Read more>>

Lauren Versino

I suppose the biggest thing to know about my artwork is that it’s a genuine piece of one human being, and that’s me. There’s no vasad, there’s no specific impression i’m trying to get you to believe, it’s just what i feel in the moment and i’m not scared to show it to you. Read more>>

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