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Art & Life with Wesley November

Today we’d like to introduce you to Wesley November.

Wesley, please kick things off for us by telling us about yourself and your journey so far.
I’ve always been the type of feller to walk my own path, so the thoughts of working for someone else has never been my idea of a future. Even as a young’s I had created my own businesses and selling product to the neighborhood kids. I have always enjoyed art and the creative process and a museum have always been a treat for me to venture to. I started drawing comic book characters around age 9 and kept going from there. I found a passion for music once I heard Primus for the first time and realized -I should be a musician!- My entire life I have always pushed style creativity. Anyone can pick up a paintbrush or a guitar and do something. But if you have. your own style that will be what brings people to you. I try and get my hands in every artistic area I can.

I’ve been selling my photography for a few years now and maybe one of my favorite pieces I’ve done was writing. I have two books out on iTunes and Amazon and I’ve done pretty well with them. I have a few more novels I want to have out this year too but! Once I opened up my comic book store Strange Cereal, I have focused my time and money on that to get that little seed to grow into the mighty oak I’m hoping for. I will be releasing a magazine involving a bunch of the fun and hilarious bit that go along with the store and I have damn need the whole crew from MAD magazine helping me now too! Which, holy craps… That’s the coolest thing ever! Once the magazine gets liftoff I will also be making a full-length movie about the store too. It’s at about 83% finished in the writing and casting should start by October 2019. So I guess for my short story would be I’m an all or nothing type of artist and I don’t like to do anything half-assed. Get in the car and see how fast it can go!!!!

Please tell us about your art.
My styles of art are all very different. In my books, I tend to write like a Steven King or Koontz style. It’s very dark.. Very dark. Hahaha, most of my photography is architectural: I like to shoot older buildings and structures. But also with this, I tend to make everything look: Dark, wet and depressed. I don’t photo people much but when I do I create the same moods. The bread and butter of my career are designing and building furniture. I design and build stores and homes and this has given me the freedom to expand my art into different fields. Most of the furniture is Concrete, wood, and steel but I end up doing a whole lot more when it’s needed.

Lately, I’ve been getting into more lighting and 3D ceiling and wall panels. The comic book store is more my personality with bright and vibrant colors and superheroes everywhere. The magazine brings more of my comedy into people’s lives. I’ve been doing stand up off-and-on for the last few years and I get to take a bunch of my stand up and put it into the movie and magazine. So I think with all of my artist’s ventures I want people to walk away feeling something. The books I want people to fall in love with a character or hate a character, to feel what that person is going through, photography I want people to see a photo and look at it like they listen to a song over and over to calm them down. The comic book store, movie and magazine… I want people to laugh and enjoy it and have excitement to get the next issue. The podcast (did I mention the podcast?) It’s called Loaded with Comics and that little gem is me having a few cocktails with guests in the industry and discussing the life they have and anything within the comic and movie fields.

Any advice for aspiring or new artists?
Get out there and show your work off! Find like-minded people and create art shows in your favorite local bars or restaurants. If you have anyone in your life that is negative towards your craft or doesn’t support you… Get rid of them. I’ve had a lot of conversations where I will talk about an idea that I want to do and there is always someone who says “Do you know how much work that is.” or “I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” or my favorite “Shouldn’t you just focus on one thing.” These are all people that want you to not succeed because it makes them look like a failure. Its the whole bit of misery loves company. Everyone will talk about how they want to write a book but they never do. So when you say you’re almost done… Then you’ll start getting all of the negativity from that type of person… Just get rid of them. Find the success you want and don’t let anything stop you. If you want to be an artist and you want to make that a career. DO IT! Make the calls all over to smaller companies and talk to the marketing departments, see if they can use your art. See if they have a budget for you to paint a piece, take a photo or build something. Because nobody will know who you are if you don’t know who you are…..

What’s the best way for someone to check out your work and provide support?
I would love for everyone to buy my books on iTunes or Amazon… Come to the comic shop! Strange Cereal! Pick up the magazine (the first issue should be out October… Maybe September.) Visit my websites and Instagram to see all of the craziness I’m doing and buy anything you can! Hahahaha
@WesleyNovember_Artisan That’s all the fabrication stuff
@WesleyNovember This is more behind the scenes of my life and previews of upcoming ideas
@wesleyNovember_photography This is my photography and I print on all types of mediums too! Metal, wood, concrete… Pretty much anything to make it a bit cooler and different from what other people are doing.
@StrangeCereal – This is the comic shop and it goes over everything from the magazine to the movies. We post all of the crazy ideas and hilarity here. There are a few more business ventures in the works that if you poke around enough you might see some of the ideas and previews.

Contact Info:

  • Address: Strange Cereal – 16882 Gothard street unit A, Huntington Beach CA 92647
  • Website:
  • Phone: 714-375-XMEN
  • Email: or
  • Instagram: @StrangeCereal – @WesleyNovember_Artisan – @WesleyNovember – WesleyNovember_photography
  • Facebook: Wesley November – or Strange Cereal
  • Twitter: StrangeCerealHB
  • Other:

Image Credit:
Claypool Cellars for sending me the photo of the sign I made.

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