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Art & Life with Tatyana Henry

Today we’d like to introduce you to Tatyana Henry .

Tatyana, please kick things off for us by telling us about yourself and your journey so far.
Growing up in a family who loved to emphasize, “little girls should be seen and not heard” it’s no surprise that I felt like nobody was listening to me. I felt like nobody was able to see the world the way I did. Around 9 years old I began to ask my mom to buy me disposable cameras, she did if in exchange I was quiet. I began to photograph everything I saw. I fell in love with the idea that I was able to finally express myself and my mind without having to say a word. I loved the idea I could make people feel what I felt just by looking at my photos.

Can you give our readers some background on your art?
I am a photographer. I like to think of myself as a a visual mixologist. I like to capture people the way that I personally see them. I love getting to know a person’s personality through my lens. If I had to choose what the overall message in my art is it would definitely be my love for women, women of color in particular. In a world where our beauty is constantly overlooked, and our features are shamed I love to show the world how beautiful we really are. To capture the strength, power and sensuality that women embody, that’s my overall goal.

Any advice for aspiring or new artists?
Do NOT compare you work to others. The only person you should be comparing yourself to is your past self. You are your greatest enemy when it comes to art world. Constantly comparing yourself to other artists is going to do nothing besides make you doubt yourself. You are not them, you don’t see things the same way they do, their strengths/weakness are completely different from your own. Work I’m making yourself the best you can be. There’s room for all of us, I promise. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for help or ask people how they achieve specific results. Helpful hints and criticism should always be welcomed.

What’s the best way for someone to check out your work and provide support?
Most of my work is on Instagram or Twitter. My IG page is @tatyanagh_ and my Twitter is @ohyanametaty. A simple repost or retweet is a lot of support in itself. However, Word of mouth is the best way to spread my work.
Sidenote: I am in the process of putting a website together I just need to be better at the upkeep of it

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Models: Asia, Jasmine Armani, Taynara Ebeigbe, Nicole White, Zenia Gizelle, Caira Samuels

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