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ART Hollywood 06.04.2018

Tim French

My journey into photography, was something that was long awaited. In fact, I didn’t become a full fledge photographer until the beginning of 2018. Before then I was writing and directing feature films. Read more>>

Eric J. Smith

My documentary imagery is very influenced by my early career as a designer in New York and a creator of feature film and television title sequences in LA. Read more>>

Gloria Zhang

I infused modern tattoo art with my background of traditional painting. I’m fond of using thin line depiction in my art work; such as the petal of the flowers, the whiskers, the fur and the claws of the animals, the ornament of an object. Read more>>

Jaylani Amancio

I am a young model, actor, and talent whose brand is showcasing my inner beauty and effervescing the inner light of my soul to the world around me. I bring sunshine and light to the world and my purpose is to teach the world that beauty is found within and meant to be shared. Read more>>

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