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ART Hollywood 05.28.2018

A. Lelanea Fulton

Lelanea was schooled from an early age in the necessary contradictions inherent in effective art. Living everywhere from old farm homes to tents on the beach to pre-revolutionary houses, she learned to work with nature and with architecture, light and shadow, human and animal. Read more>>

Alejandra Alvarez

My origin story is a bit all over the place, I was raised moving around in different continents from the age of 3 years old. It has had its ups and downs, but I wouldn’t have had it go any other way. Read more>>

Z Chambers

During my middle school years, I found my passion for music. In high school, I was a lead singer in the choir. After graduation, I moved to Hollywood in pursuit of my dreams. Read more>>

Daisy Patton

I am a multidisciplinary artist born in Los Angeles, spending half my childhood in the Silverlake/Hollywood area. The city’ always has a special place in my heart and still is a great influence on my work. Read more>>

Dino Mangano

I spent most of my career as a wedding/fashion/editorial photographer in Detroit, focusing on its growing fashion scene. However, I recently moved to California and have loved it! Read more>>

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