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Art Hollywood 03.26.2018

Stephanie Bassos

I was a magazine journalism major at Columbia College in Chicago and always saw myself as a writer. As time went on, I was falling out of love with writing but didn’t really know what I wanted to do. My last semester in 2005, I wanted to study abroad in Florence but didn’t know which class to take. Read more>>

Lindsay Kay

My name is Lindsay Kay – I’m a Canadian singer-songwriter now based here in LA. Born and raised in Calgary, AB, I was a very musical kid and have been singing my whole life. After discovering the music of Feist and John Mayer and Joni Mitchell in my early teens, I began playing the guitar and writing my own music. Read more>>

Michael Angelo Brown

I was on my 3rd deployment to Afghanistan when I bought my first camera. I wanted to tell stories that the mainstream media couldn’t. After that deployment, I was done with that lifestyle and went to Salt Lake City to start college at the Art Institute. Read more>>

Rocky Schenck

I write and direct short films, music videos, and just finished my first feature script. I photograph landscapes, unusual environments, people, freaks, celebrities, musicians, artists, nudes, animals, babies, oddities, portraits, etc. I work with folks that fascinate and inspire me, and I’ve been very lucky and I’m extremely thankful. Read more>>

Ben Silberstein

I really liked to draw when I was a kid, but kind of fell out of touch with art for all of high school and the beginning of college. What got me back into art was dealing with mental illness during my junior year. I felt like I had no identity and that I had been living a false life in some way. Read more>>

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