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ART East LA 4.30.2018

Xudan Zhou

I original born in China, My grandmother and mother both love art. Sometimes I think my art gifts from my mother’s family. When I was a little girl, my grandmother started to teach me Chinese painting and traditional handicraft.  And I found I have talent and ability on create art project and drawing beautiful things. Read more>>

Courtney Haney

I can’t remember a time in my life that I wasn’t madly in love with oil paintings. My earliest memories are at my Great-Grandmother’s house, flipping through her art books from the 1960s. I had favorites, of course, Manet’s A Bar at the Folies-Bergere. Read more>>

Amanda LaMarco

I hail from the depths of Northern New Jersey where all I wanted to do was draw, paint, climb trees and find the Jersey Devil. I pursued art through out school and ended up studying Motion graphics and Visual Effects in Philadelphia. I started my motion career in New York city and after many different gigs i ended up in the place where I always knew I would, Los Angeles. Read more>>

Sara Marlowe Hall

I grew up between Venice, California and London. My mum converted an old Texaco garage in Venice into a loft. She owned a vintage shop off the boardwalk where I got to play dress up as a kid and exposed to a million different kinds of styles and interesting people. Read more>>

Daniel Gerwin

I became an artist later in life, after first having a career as a Clinical Social Worker in New York City working with homeless people suffering from mental illness. But ever since I was a young boy, I always drew.   My drawing continued through high school, college, and finally when I was living in New York I started taking art classes at the City’s incredible institutions: Read more>>

Kendra Skye

Art, in my life, is highly specific and organized. When I was nine, my mother and I drove from Decatur, Georgia to the Museum Of Modern Art in Washington D.C. to see the M.C. Escher exhibit. I sat, enthralled, in front of his piece “Procession In Crypt” for three hours. My mind was blown. Read more>>

Yaron Dotan

Most people do everything they can to move to New York City. I was born there and did everything I could to leave. It took a while, but is 3 and a half years enough to officially make me an Angeleno? I always had trouble seeing. Read more>>

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