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ART East LA 05.28.2018

Katie Ferrara

I didn’t really understand how to make money as an artist or do music full-time. Then I realized that if you are going to have any sort of success in this business you have to create it yourself. Read more>>

Juliana Bustillo

During my undergrad studies I was granted scholarships and the opportunity to study abroad in Tianjin, China where I participated in various juried exhibitions and my first solo show. I know still live in East L.A. and have a studio in the Arts District Co-op. Read more>>

Lauren Fejarang

I have always made art in some capacity ever since I can remember and I’ve always known that making art was what I wanted to do. My parents completly supported me in that passion and it could have to do with my father being a musician all his life, a drummer… Read more>>

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