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ART East LA 05.21.2018

Corinne Carrey

Working with local artisans I learned that skilled patience and attention to detail embody their practice. I also realized how important quality materials are to the integrity of the piece and the natural environment surrounding us. Read more>>

Christina Leta

Like an eye blink or a heartbeat art has always been autonomic for me. I was raised with art from an early age, but I lacked confidence until I started taking classes in High School. Read more>>

Mitchell Matsuhiro

Taking my daughter to get her pictures taken; I found a passion for photography. I always admired photographers. Becoming one wasn’t part of my plan. Read more>>

Hunter Janos

I’m graduating from the Experimental Animation department at CalArts in a couple of days too! Such an amazing experience. REDCAT just screened my graduation cartoon, ‘Upside Downtown’ which felt so lovely to see on the big screen. Read more>>

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