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Art East LA 04.10.2018

Mads Sky

I was always successful in the formal eduction system and ended up graduating high school with an average GPA of 4.4 only to move on to one of the top universities in the world and leave mearly a year in. Some may say this a waste, a failure, etc etc. However, I could not be more thankful to have discovered that I learn in a different way. I left school and committed myself to a journey of creativity, self education and unending curiosity. The pillar of this journey was my love for painting. Read more>>

Oscar Malo

I have learned to photograph not only with my eyes, but also with my feelings and the understanding of each situation. It’s very important. I take pride in what I create. Read more>>

Galileo Gonzalez

My art is centered on a few things: my upbringings, my heritage, and Hardcore Punk… I consider my style crude and rough, as I feel that there’s more expression to it than something that’s clean and polished. Read more>>

Francisco Palomares

Francisco Palomares has used art to overcome the socioeconomic obstacles of his East LA neighborhood since his youth. He converted these disadvantages into opportunities in which he saw each street as visual narratives emanating the challenges and beauty of an ever-changing environment. Read more>>

Micah Clasper-Torch

I believe that when something is created with joy and care, that energy is absorbed by the piece. The beauty is in the creating, and the finished product then becomes a reminder and representation of that creation process. Read more>>

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