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ART Downtown LA 06.04.2018

Mira Schnedler

Following my studies in Bremen I moved to Vienna, Austria for about a year, before I moved to Berlin,Germany. The city felt immediately like home to me since most of my friends from Art school had already moved there before me. Read more>>

Robert Fabiani

My photography career is the result of my life long interest in the arts…It all began with writing poetry in the year 2000. I carried a pen and pad everywhere I went, and just wrote everyday. Read more>>

Jennifer Ruggiero

I was introduced to BW darkroom photography in High School. I fell in love with the darkroom process and signed up for an independent study project in BW photography. Read more>>

Hamid Mahramzadeh

My interest in photography began when I visited my uncle in Germany. He was an avid photographer, and never left home without his camera. I purchased my first camera in Germany, a Minolta XD11 (still show cased in my living room). Read more>>

Mel Keedle and Ana Henton

We met as fairly new potters, and started working together not long after. What were passing comments about dream future projects started turning in to actual projects and we found that we were happier working on our projects together than not. Read more>>

Gared Luquet

I began my career painting only realistic imagery, but I credit my evolution as a professional artist to my professors Joe Piasentin and Avery Faulkner who gave me an appreciation for abstract art. Read more>>

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