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ART Downtown LA 05.21.2018

Alfonso Cervera

This all changed as I started college at the University of California, Riverside where I found my interest for other dance genres. I remember sneaking into the department where you could peep through a window and see the dance classes happen. Read more>>


Alex AKA Otiswoods Guatemalan American surrealist artist. His path as an artist began at an early age but didn’t take as serious, he grew older and practiced on the way. Today he continues his career as an artist exploring various subjects of the artworld. Read more>>

Aspacia Kusulas

I’m a graphic designer from Mexico of Greek heritage, currently based Los Angeles. I moved to LA in 2005, I worked for various industries (entertainment, fashion, stationery, etc) and realized my love for letters. Read more>>

Lisa Orth

Setting myself apart from the conventional tattooing scene with a distinctive linework only style similar to etchings and woodcuts. I only do custom, original pieces based on my own artwork, and am fortunate to have amazing clients… Read more>>

Randi Hokett

I’ve lived on a fault line all my life and was here for all the major earthquakes. I remember when Mt. St. Helens erupted and I’ve been fascinated by volcanic activity ever since. Read more>>

Josh Vasquez

Growing up in Los Angeles and walking home from school I would notice a lot of graffiti and it really intrigued me. After a while of looking at it I suddenly understood what the appeal was. Read more>> 

Sergio (Surge) Witrön

Art for me is creating something bigger than myself, not just physical but the idea of expanding my voice. The earliest memory I have of creating art was drawing on my parent’s walls as a child. Read more>>

Noah Thackeray and Katie Thackeray

We had both taken art classes and created art of our own for years before this, but it wasn’t until we teamed up that we created our best work! Read more>>

LaJon Miller

Life eventually led me to getting 3D Animation degree then receiving formal art training from an old watercolor and oil painting master in Glendale CA. And later on I taught myself how to use the more modern mediums such as acrylic and spray paint. Read more>>

Hutch Heelan

The art and music then led me to develop a strong interest in film, which I saw as a great way to incorporate sensibilities from all of the art forms I love. Read more>>

Daniel Woods

I was sitting up in bed one night watching Youtube videos and I came across someone going over how to take portraits and I was intrigued enough to watch the full 15 minute video and enroll in a photography class the next morning. Read more>>

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