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Art Downtown LA 04.10.2018

Ariel Cannon

There is so much that goes into early family life – so much love and energy – and for a quite a few years your kids won’t have any memory of it. I really wanted to show them that part of their story. Now that they are older the portraits I take of them are a bit different. I want to show them all the wonderful things I see in them and all their little quirks that I love. Read more>>

Jun Iida

Jazz has always been a passion of mine, and with age has also become the musical language with which I am most comfortable expressing myself. I have always been a student of the art, and am inspired and intrigued by the evolution of jazz as a direct reflection of the history of America. Read more>>

Taylor Loredo

I hope to inspire others to look around their environment and at themselves with a different mindset than the norm and to create what they want no matter what anyone else says or thinks. Read more>>

Garden Ahn

Even a beautiful nature can not be an art by it self, and needs to be valued and motivated aesthetically through human’s mind to be accepted as an art. My art pieces are created by my effort to find features from the aesthetic root of nature, and inquire them through my heart. Read more>>

Adam Zalabany

Talking about my work is still one of the most difficult and least enjoyable parts about being an artist because the work is already the articulation that I couldn’t express another way. And once the expression is communicated I’m onto the next one, just as I would be when I speak. Read more>>

Charles Osawa

I want people to realize that trash can be beautiful. That each and every one of us is gifted with unlimited potential and possibilities, but we just have to face what we tend to collectively deny as a society. I’m here to just show people that trash can shine. Read more>>

Tim Stark

I was always interested in creating. I started as a kid in Colorado. In high school I learned the basics and discovered a deep fascination with color and form. Read more>>

Diane Williams

I create art to be a part of a larger conversation as well as impact my community as an agent of change. To me, context is just as important as the formal aspects in art. Read more>>

Jedaun Carter

I am a creative. Creative means I do not define my art to one genre. The art that I’m most passionate about and want to share with the world is photography. I want the people whom I photograph to see their true beauty and not rely on what society tells them. Read more>>

Rachele Liba

My work is heavily influenced by cultural observations, music and most of all feeling. Emotions have an incredible impact on our personal perspectives, so I enjoy reminiscing previous works to help understand my own psychological being. Read more>>

Christine Frausto

The purpose behind my artwork is about generating a new dialogue about art expressionism. Critics have categorized or labeled my artwork as undisciplined and unstructured. However, it’s my opinion that by adhering to a structured or disciplined agenda, that the artist limits and/or excludes his or her own raw emotion. Read more>>

Ryan Seif

My message to anyone pursuing similar interests would be to pursue their dreams, talents, and passions. Never be afraid of judgement or failure. When you work in a field you are truly passionate about, you will always succeed and inspire others to do the same. Read more>>

Angie Lister

My artwork is simple, inspired by the things we are surrounded by. I guess if I had any sort of message it would be to slow down and take the time to observe and be inspired by the small, beautiful things that are all around us. Read more>>

Laurie Shapiro

I want to share love, beauty, and connection through my work – which all comes from a spiritual place. It took me some time to find internal happiness, and I want my work to share that feeling which is inside of all of us. Read more>>

Max Presneill

I hope people will remember to indulge in life while they can. This mortal coil is short and I intend to go loudly, laughing and fighting, as I hope the paintings reflect and that people will consider their own mortality through them and to ‘dance like nobody’s watching’. Read more>>

Dominique Labaki

I mainly work with ink on paper, wood, or canvas. Each line is individually hand drawn and the entirety of the work carries an underlying point of conversation for the viewer to connect with. As abstract as they are, there is flow and dance that is lifted off the page when I create. Read more>>

Mason Greer

With my growing knowledge of people and the world around me I found myself gravitating towards socially conscious stories that dive deep into humanity and cultural issues. Read more>>

Kim Marra

I was born and raised on Long Island. I always knew I wanted to be an artist, but when I was young that manifested with my drawing Disney cartoons obsessively. That changed over time, and I started painting around 15. Read more>>

Dorian Qi

When I moved here, I quickly realized that simplicity and rawness is far more beautiful than all the other styles. My goal when capturing a subject is to make sure that their inner beauty shines through when someone is looking at my photographs. Read more>>

Brandon Barr

In a time when ‘what is real or what is fake’ is constantly being challenged, it’s important to remember that in the end gravity always wins. Read more>>

Abudu Nininger

I spent my first two years studying fine art painting, however after taking my first pottery class I fell in love. I stopped going to the painting studio all together and switched my major to ceramics. Read more>>

Erika Lizée

I am continuously awed by the world around me, the unfathomable complexities of life and how even our perceptions of what is going on around us are so varied. It is just mind blowing. The uncertainty comes, in that so many of the answers we seek are unknowable. Read more>>

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